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The Twinkling of An Eye

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on December 15, 2010

“The Self is ever the Master, however much the forms inhabited by the Self may be bound.
The Self is the essential principle of the existence of all those forms, always remaining one and unchanged.
He alone who beholds the Self in/as the core of his being possesses eternal bliss.”
~ Braham


The good news is that because we are in a hologram, the quantum effect of even a small number of beings
Achieving the higher level of integration will resonate throughout the realm
And afford many others a level of assistance in dealing with the process they are undergoing.
Therefore it is of paramount importance that those who are aware of this action
Work diligently to focus on what is real rather than to engage in that which is built of illusion.
We can change ourselves and the world in which we choose to give our creative energies.
As we do this, ironically, without having intended to change the world,
We will establish a level of higher resonance around which the releasing energies
From the implosions of the old institutions shall accrue. This is a key and important point.
Do not focus on changing the old world. It is dying so let it die.
That which is broken cannot be fixed and that which is real cannot be broken.
Focus on what is real and the rest shall fade away.

With the overlay now removed … All is merging into a singularity of consciousness in the integrated wholeness
Of our divine selves as perfectly reflected in the forms that we now occupy
Should we so choose this as the reality we wish to create for ourselves.
The nature of a morphogenetic field is such that when one individual or a group
Begin to resonate at a certain level of energy and frequency,
It permeates out through the rest of the matrix, lifting all up in the process.
As we do so the reality we find ourselves in will progressively transform itself
And a new reality will begin to adhere to our resonant forms vibrating at an ever higher frequency
Built on a foundation of Love and undifferentiated Light.

As we stand at the precipice of the ending we are perched on the threshold of a new Beginning
As we return to ourselves and thereby come to know ourselves for the very first time.

Now, as the final clause of the treaty is enacted and the fourth dimensional overlay is removed,
It will not take much to move the third dimensional control systems out of our way
To begin to literally dissolve the frequency zone of control.
Since reality as we know it is holographic, then each part of the hologram
actually contains all of the information of the larger whole.
This is the morphogenetic field by which the two original cells
form a human being, or a frog, or horse, or any other whole living organism
inherent in the morphogenetic blueprint. The whole is contained in each part.
Thus, one conscious point of awareness, when the inhibitors are removed,
will begin to resonate outwards, and like ripples in a pond, affect the entire matrix of the whole.
As this begins to pick up momentum by many such points of emanation,
meaning individual human beings or small aggregations of such,
the majority of the human consciousness, still asleep,
but only controlled by third dimensional technology of entrainment
without the 4D containment overlay, will begin to lose their grip on that reality construct.
We will begin to be the masters of our own reality, and form it around us.
And what now might appear to most to be an impossible task, will happen in the twinkling of an eye.

It Is Time to set our sails for Another View of Life. Hang on for the adventure and the ride.

From another friends point of view …
Though it might not be unusual to see new crop circles still being created
in the month of September, it certainly is unusual to see the concept
of a mind virus being discussed in any form of media –
let alone in the context of an end-of-days scenario.
Our simulated reality is presently being corrupted by a mind virus
that I refer to as SIL/ORG (silicon organism)
and it is causing something similar to a mass psychogenic/sociogenic illness.
We have become obsessed with its technological toys
and the virus is spreading through the programming of our simulation without resistence.
Our simulated holographic reality extends to the outer limits of our solar system.
It is a closed program. Whatever exists does so within those boundaries.
Instead of being elated on the discovery of a habitable planet,
we should be suspicious of the motivation behind the illusion.

Supporting documentation: Ken Cousins; Holographic History
Images: Milky Way Galaxy & iStock Brain Electric

Excuse me. I have a few sails to repair.
Occupation: Breathing

I am my own Research Project.
I am my own Lifes Experiment.
“Living” is a virtual movie and we are all the projectors in it.
Take back your heart and mind, if you don’t like what you ‘see’.
And certainly do not feed someone else’s dream, if it feeds pain and suffering.

Thoughts contain many paradoxes running side by side and when they meet others,
it’s highly probable they will either collide or harmonize.

In my research, experiences, witnessing and investigations, so far,
I have come to this real-eye-sation, that the latter is the best solution, for peace.

Thoughts can co-create confusion or calm.
In my research, experiences, witnessing and investigations, so far,
I have come to this real-eye-sation, that the latter is the best solution for peace.

The entity/expression named Pamela, has discovered and real-eyes’d …
Her consciousness knows better
Her mind is awakening
Her existence is a journey
Her understanding is never ending
Her heart is open wide and growing
Her love is immortal & permeates everything

And nothing is black & white, other than the writing on the wall.
And my signature is etched upon my heart, seen by all.
To change the world, change your mind environment. To do so, is your inate right.
The blueprint is being drawn out, the art is being envisioned
and the next phase is now formulating towards a New Beginning.
Remove Fear. Free your mind. Take out the trash and remove the past. Forgive and Let Go.
Carry love in your heart like a flame, without the fire.
And all that is good will meet you in the middle of forever.
Know your power, and thyself.
Know what awaits you from beyond your imaginative intellect,
for it is listening and waiting for you not to be afraid to go there.
Take the quantum leap and do not think twice before you follow your heart.
If you are afraid of anything … be afraid of what you ‘think’. Keep your thoughts clean.
For ‘thoughts’ co-create. We are inately pure energy created to vibrate at high frequencies.
The seals are breaking, the veil is lifting and the illusion is fading.
Love your intelligent and divinely created self, and the rest will fall into place.

“Have you ever felt that there is something about reality that isn’t quite random, as it should be?
Something a little too organized, a little too planned, a little too programmed?”

–Jim Elvidge in ‘The Universe Solved’
“Whatever one wishes for in the world tomorrow, live it in your heart today.” plr

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