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Posted in: DOLPHINS by Pamela on March 17, 2010


“Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved through understanding.”
Albert Einstein


“You are the sky. Everything else? It’s just the weather.”
~ Pema Chödrön


Enjoy another World. This is dedicated to all who have gone before us in whatever circumstances they were in. To all who live now.  May we uni-phi in coherency for Peace. This particular video is a snippet of many hours of raw footage filming wild dolphins in the Red Sea in Egypt in 2007. The experiences showed and taught me many things.


Oh the beauty of fear one time that brought the dolphins to rescue me. Seriously, it was sooooo profound and will share in its right time.


How incredibly vast our perceptions of Life can be. How expansive we can venture outside of pre-concieved beliefs.


To cross the borders of our mind in understanding that it is our beliefs that co-create reality.


Dolphins don’t question them’selves’ on whether they should spin out of the water at any given moment because of what the other dolphins might think? They do it because they just do. Whales don’t sing to answer a question, they sing to sing a song.”


Dolphin Photos: Pamela Leigh Richards (In the Red Sea wild and free)
Please support the freedom of ALL animals/birds/mammals/footed/winged and whatever, to be forever cage free. Please be kind. We did not come here to hurt or harm. We are here to uni-phi and bring balance into Life.



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