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Moments With My Mother

Posted in: A - Her Lucid and Mystical Experiences by Pamela on November 23, 2003

There are many out there going through this. Please find comfort in knowing you are not alone. My mother passed on from cancer in a hospice, on November 23rd of 2003, after only 3 days of being admitted. May all suffering end. May the power of truth be revealed. That there is no death. There is no dying. Simply moving on. And may we ease any suffering quickly. And may the walls of deception be removed. The lies of fear be dispelled so the power of what is ‘right’ lifts us to embrace these moments instead of suffer in them. Here is a Universal embrace for all who are dealing with it. Much Love! Love! Love!
The picture is of myself and mother shortly before she flew. I love you mom!
Meet you dancing in the middle of forever.

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