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Almost Nothing Left to Say

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on July 14, 2023


There was life before the ENTERnet.


Is it more important to follow the law,

where sometimes the law is the criminal,

or to transgress them at once?


“I might be ONE, however, I AM ONE of MANY.”
Do not follow ~ KNOW your own path of heart.
Disengage from lies. Simple truths.
This is where we meet. In the middle of forever.
We are dealing with multiple realms now interacting.
Patience along with power, is our guiding light.
Changing the narrative for the good of the whole.
Now you see me, someday you won’t.
All good no matter what.
I shall leave nothing but truth and love in my wake.
Some will hear, some will not.
And I shall speak so … unafraid.
Then I shall close my eyes.


“If your life is a book ..
be at peace when you close it.”
~ plr


You might not be able to go back ~
but you surely can GO ON.


Clean Soil
Clean Water
Clean Air
Clean Skies

Music: “Now we are Free” by Lisa Gerrard & composed by Hans Zimmer.
Video compilation: unknown. would love to credit.



A Man to Hear 

Above is a link. Click it.


AS long as we are on the internet?
We are fodder to the system
for they know every move and sound we make,
and it is getting more controlled by the day.
AI is data driven and knows our thoughts
which has been compiling for a long time.
The ‘system’ will take that data
and make sure it formulates answers
that day by day humans seek them out,
but the answer will give
what the controlling faction
wants you to hear.
Change direction.


“Do not let fear be your capture.”

If your voice cannot be heard what good is living for?

I will not go silently.

~ plr


Todd Rundgren


“Letting Go is a power unto itself. Erasing all hate.

A feeling of forever knowing.

In this realm of everlasting tranquility only you can make.

It truly is ~ a personal journey.

Breaking the spell”



So many use the word love and have no idea what it is?

I too, am lost with its meaning sometimes. However, I know this ~

“I love what I know, and I love more what I’ve yet to know.”

Singularity then becomes worthy.




“You can tell a lot about a person,

by how they treat people they don’t need.”

~ Delmar Ray Byler




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At 1 with 1

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on July 03, 2023



In all of creation …


“If I had an hour to save the world,

I’d spend 55 minutes understanding the problem,

And five minutes solving it.”

~ Albert Einstein


“In ones own dreams lie things incomprehensible to the many.

Therefore shall I say, almost nothing?

Yes.  Till we meet again.”

~ plr 


“You don’t know what you are in until you get out.

And you can get out while you are in.”

~ plr



Credit and thank you: Sail Away | Malte Marten


“Find a place inside where there’s joy,

and the joy will burn out the pain.”

— Joseph Campbell


It is in the deeper study of “true causes”

where the mysteries of life are revealed.


“The message is the message
With a life of its own,
 it carries easily its truth.
The one and only thing
That forever lives
Is that truth within you.”
~ plr


“And when two truths come together at odds?
It merely means one is dancing
to a different tune than thee.”
~ plr



The 432 Hz Conspiracy

Above is a link. Click it.


Nikola Tesla’s  speech at the opening ceremony

of the hydroelectric power station,

January 12, 1897.

“We have many a monument of past ages; we have the palaces and pyramids, the temples of the Greek and the cathedrals of Christendom.  In them is exemplified the power of men, the greatness of nations, the love of art and religious devotion.  But the monument at Niagara has something of its own, more in accord with our present thoughts and tendencies.  It is a monument worthy of our scientific age, a true monument of enlightenment and of peace.  It signifies the subjugation of natural forces to the service of man, the discontinuance of barbarous methods, the relieving of millions from want and suffering”

~ Nikola Tesla


Nikola Tesla 16 minutes Explained

Above is a link. Click it.



“Everything is Light” 

Above is a link. Click it.

The Incredible Interview with Nikola Tesla in 1899


“Everything is the Light, I am part of a light, and it is the music.
The Light fills my six senses:
I see it, hear, feel, smell, touch and think.
Thinking of it means my sixth sense.
Particles of Light are written note”.


He also goes on to say that:
“Light is the primary source of Creation,
in one its ray is the fate of nations,
each nation has its own ray
in what great light source we see as the Sun.”


Imagine this was back when science at that time,
couldn’t even begin to understand the atomic level of particles,
let alone the sub-atomic levels.
The hardest part about getting people to think outside the box,
and believe in the impossible,
is getting them to understand the basics of EVERYTHING we’re taught
about the nature of Light, Energy, and biology,
is a complete fabricated lie to keep humanity in the dark on purpose.


Ether = Light = Universal Consciousness = Creator[s] = God[s], etc…
“Numbers and equations are signs that mark the music of the spheres.”
~ Nikola Tesla


The Film is Forever FREE

Above is a link. Click it.


If We Can’t Find Common Ground, We ALL Die.

I will never go down with this ship,

I will be playing in the band holding no white flag up.

Water knows how to flow, it’s just removing the dam wall to let it go.



Ditch the Indoctrination.


“FACT. Humanity is at war with an opposer that wants to annihilate our species and use them for slavery and other nefarious reasons. They clearly do this by divide and rule, keep em’ busy on the farm. I can only speak for myself and I know I am not alone with this thought ~ we were not born to be enemies.

We must recognize this adversary and unite collectively as the powerhouses we innately are with FOCUS for the best chance of survival. This means setting aside our differences and coming together as ONE. Stop in-fighting! We can do this by bringing attention to our collective knowledge and find solutions to the challenges we are facing that will benefit all of humanity.”

~ plr



The Clearing

Above is a link. Click it.


She was healing from a near death experience involving brain surgery, fracturing skull, subcutaneous hematoma, head trauma with left epidural hematoma, cerebral contusions, hairline fracture of spine, fractured left wrist with 9 rib fractures and bruising all over left side when the divorce began. What was to be an amicable departure of marriage? Her departing husband who wrote a book called: “Infinite Love is the Only Truth, Everything Else is Illusion” , said why doesn’t she get a job, and sent this to her father.

“If what I am reliably told is true, she should know that at tidal wave of worldwide revulsion will descend upon her immediately and for the rest of her life and the Richards family name will be dragged through the cesspit ongoing as a result.”

And the next day her father had a mild stroke.


Words have a huge impact

on your nervous system.

Words can influence the metabolism

in parts of the brain

that are exactly the same

parts of the brain

that regulate your heart,

your lungs,

your immune system

and so on. Think about it.


“You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat people they don’t need.”

~ Delmar Ray Byler


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

~ Martin Luther King Jr


Sapere aude = Dare to Know

In 2010, January 23, I had a near death experience.

During that INlightINmental period of recovery and healing,

I was attracted to this phrase I saw in Latin.

Dimidium facti, qui coepit, habet; sapere aude, incipe. 

“He who has begun is half done, dare to know, begin.”

Slowly, this lady is beginning to fly.

What an amazing journey this life.


“I’m just a particle with a heartbeat.”

~ plr 2010



Take a chance because you never know how good something can turn out to be.

“The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home …
If one feels it safer to not speak ones truth
If one feels afraid that in doing so might cause great changes?
If ones heart and soul cannot bear the consequences then keep quiet.
Like a sword and a stone we sharpen one another.
If one cannot hear the other ~ then maybe they will someday,
After one has flown away.
Noone changes anything by playing it safe.”

~ plr 2013



Truth is only controversial in a world of lies.

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Navigating Through

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on May 29, 2023


European Union in Brussels on the 3rd of May 2023

The 3rd International Covid Summit.

Dr. David E. Martin.


This ‘pathogen’ began in the US labs in 1965. It is a biological weapon to wipe out most of the human race with your help of the populace not paying attention and caring about the ‘garden of humanities spiritual evolution’. You and I, we are the ‘progenitors’ to wake up the human race into a survival of a superconsciousness, natural humanity, and not just robots of Ai.


“.. But if you are Looking for the.who done it as a forensic investigator ..
vs you are observing the crime as it unfolds,
you have two very different perspectives ..
and what I really did at the EU Parliament is said, hey,
slow the tape down lets get all the facts on the table.
Corona virus, covid19, the whole thing was pre-mediated, it was murder,
it was active terrorism by a State against the world.
Let’s call it what it is, and let’s not pretend like maybe
there’s a more complex explanation for, I don’t know, the facts?
And the facts are, here’s the bad news,
for fifty eight years the United States, the UK,
in collaboration with researchers around the world,
planned to use corona virus to instill the most tyrannical reform of society
that this generation has ever seen ..
and they did it purely pre-meditated
to make sure that we were cowed into submission.
And the bad news for them is,
there’s alot of people that didn’t take the needle.”
~ Dr. David E. Martin



Source Film “Out of Shadows” 


BREAK THE SPELL. If we can’t find common ground  .. well, there are many paths to where we are going. We are living in a total mind controlled game that is targeting children specifically right now. STOP IT. The choice is yours. Bring them home. Our greatest ally is nature. Let your children walk on the grass and five hours later ask them how much did the grass grow?  Inspire and nurture their unique mind, heart, body and soul together as parent and child! Sometimes the student can outteach the teacher. Pass it on.



Reflecting Simple Truths

Above is a link. Click it.

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All Together ~ New Views

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on April 18, 2023




40 minutes of … Secrets of the U.N.

Above is a link. Click it.



Max Igan.Just Say No

Above is a link. Click it.


Open Your Eyes People! 

Above is a link. Click it.


Investor in Chat GPT is Bill Gates

Above is a link. Click it.


Voices Fell Like Raindrops

Above is a link. Click it.


Marching to Another View

Above is a link. Click it.


Thank you Jim Breuer

This isn’t just comedy it’s a DOSE OF REALITY.

Breaking Patterns


Hawks & Horses

What Matters

Above are links. Click them.


“ONE will never be met until all labels have been removed.”

~ plr 2010


Let us voice fearless CLARITY for good,

a narrative that refuses to listen to false directives.



“The only peace one will ever have,

is within.”

~ plr 


“The Universe

will open its space for all,

and I AM ONE

who wishes to participate

with wisdom and intentions,

of doing no harm to any life form.

Nor have any hiding of secrets,

for ONE who is true

will have nothing to hide.”

~ plr


16:02 minutes of … Decoded  

Above is a link. Click it.


My IG Page 

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My Farce Brook Page

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My Twitter Page

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What are we doing here? 

Let go of the outcome

and LIVE and DO

what you know to be right.


“An idiot WITH a plan

can override a genius


a plan.”

~ unknown


18:22 minutes of … Whitney Webb

Above is a link. Click it.


I’m hearing what you are not saying.


“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete

when everything the

American public believes

is false.”

~William Casey CIA Director (1981)




“The most important way

to ensure victory

is to subject the defeated

to a re-education program.

Only when the war propaganda

of the victors has found its way

into the history books

of the vanquished

and is believed by the

following generation,

can the re-education

be considered successful.”

~ Walter Lippmann

(President Wilson’s Chief Propaganda Minister)


Do you also see? The horses in this film.

Where is their freedom?

Need I say no more to the enlightened.


“I’m traveling with travelers.”

~ plr 


Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Who will guard the guards themselves?

Who will judge the judges themselves?



“There is great wreckage on this planet ..

I do not have a treaty with any wretched, demonic, or ill informed mind, nor do I seek one. 

Alot of what we have to struggle against are the labels cast upon a human being thinking they are THAT label, a doctor, a student, a teacher, lawyer, carpenter, street sweeper, maid, general of an army, president, prime minister, office worker, receptionist, consumer representative, customer service agent, or any other name, name, name you wish to give it ~ but rather we are more in alignment with a free unlabelled spirit inhabiting the flesh and form of a naturally birthed body without harming its innate presence of living a life on Earth in peace.

And when we can show the tenaciousness of conviction and the sense of purpose of the benevolent multi-faceted human spirits joined from every nodal point in time immemorial with peace in heart and mind, can we begin to breath freely without worry or sorrow ~ for in this realm there is no war ~ EVER.”

~ plr


Share because U CARE

Above is a link. Click it.


Burzynski Cure – Documentary

Above is a link. Click it.




I am not a scholar by any means,

but when I heard this conversation

with Acharya S., and Joseph Atwill ..

it resonated.

I feel that if we look at something

as clear as this,

can it only lead one to reason,

that our whole life,

has been contrived?


“I think we make it up as we go along,

someone else did.”

~ plr 2010


Caesar’s Messiah – Documentary

Above is a link. Click it.


Jordan Maxwell Lost Interview #4

Above is a link. Click it.


“you are trying to define an infinite mind,

with a finite mind.”

~ Jordan Maxwell


I have had this in mind for a long time.

As life was passing by before me, I said:

all contracts null & void. 

Kind of goes in line with what Thoreau said.

I placed the quote with my beautiful rescue cat, Yoda

“Unjust laws exist;

shall we be content to obey them,

or shall we endeavor to amend them,

and obey them until we have succeeded,

OR shall we …

transgress them at once?

~ Henry David Thoreau


I know NOthing

I know sOMething.


I have been down many roads of beliefs,

and left what did not feel right,

and kept what did.

And my beliefs are changing

all the time.

It is why I call myself a ‘floater’.

My soul will never be captured by lies,

as I continue on the path

of everlasting life.


Ralph Ring, one of the Chief Engineers for Otis T. Carr, who invented a whole new propulsion system based around magnetics in the 1950’s, being interviewed discussing levitating craft.

When I woke up in hospital from brain surgery in January of 2010, there were many things that happened, and all beautiful, because in my view, I was seeing the world with what I called ‘new eyes’ from a holographic perspective and had lost memories. Having the left side of my brain squashed I would say as an analogy to try and describe what was happening on the inside ~ that some of the books in the library of my mind burned but I did not miss anything *laughing*. It really was very freeing and truly was one of the lucky ones because I did not lose any motor skills but I did lose some memory, and I’m still learning about it to this day. The TBI community is a close knit one. We are the walking wounded and the silent epidemic and respect each of our individual journeys.

So, one of the most magical things that happened during that healing time with nine broken ribs, wrist, and skull was I was sitting up in bed with one sheet of paper in my hands. I had printed out this one sheet that I wanted to read. Many things were hard for me to do in those beginning stages but I accomplished this feat. So here I am sitting in bed and began to read this one page of paper with information on it that was of interest to me. As I was reading it my whole room went what I would call ‘plasmatic’.  I was now sitting on my bed in a room that became very gelatinous .. fluid like. Then a literal face popped out of that field 6 inches in front of my face, very spirit like .. not dense in form but cloudy and ethereal. Like a hologram face to face with me. There was a connection and it was so advanced, is the only way I can describe it ~ but the communication was understood on some level that I still to this day could not describe. It came and went within a couple of minutes. And my room became 3-D again. So so very surreal but boy oh boy did it resonate something deep within my being as true to behold. Tiny steps my friends, tiny steps it seems we humans must take in order to shake the illusion of falseness we have been living in. So many more experiences I had and will be sharing them soon.



“It’s out of our dimension.

And he [Carr] explained that the mind,

when you tune yourself high enough

and you get into the mind space

instead of the brain space –

instead of logic or reasoning ..

you just get up to a sense of knowing ~

you know who and what you are ~

that you are a creative, immortal,

infinite being, and we all are.

He said everybody on this planet is.

We are Gods by comparison,

and they don’t know it ~ they’re asleep.

Until they wake up this is what our job is ~

we are making these toys trying to get them

to wake up to realize there’s no limits

to what they can do.

They don’t have to live in servitude,

they don’t have to live in poverty,

they’ve just been told that by people

that unfortunately want to control.

Carr explained that our brain

operates this water vessel that we live in,

but the energy that inhabits the vessel

is who and what we are.

We are energy, we are not our bodies.

The energy is all magnetic in nature,

it’s free in nature, we’re swimming in energy.”

~ Ralph Ring 


The Session Players. Gotta Love em’.

Toto – “I’ll Be Over You” (Live At Montreux 1991)

My first husband was a session player, in my view.

Very bright guy.

He was one of the first students at GIT (Guitar Institue of Technology)

Played with the best and still does.


“NVR4GT = Never Forget
Never Give Up.
If it is what it takes,
do not go quietly fight till the end.
NEVER stop speaking your life’s truths.
For new beginnings are in sight
as we are truly, merely passing through.”
~ plr


“May we ALL unite in Peace and harmony,

co-creating a world that is filled with knowledge

that fills every belly with nutritional needs,

air that is safe to breathe

water that nourishes every cell with glee

and soil that gives natural life to the seed.”

~ plr


“There is no death of matter

Because in the Infinite Universe

Everything has to Move,

To vibrate.

That is ..  to live.” 

– Nikola Tesla



“You will find much more

in the woods than in books.

Trees and rocks will teach you

what teachers cannot tell you.”

~ St. Bernard



“The harmony of the world

is made manifest in Form and Number,

and the heart and soul

and all the poetry of Natural Philosophy

are embodied in the concept

of mathematical beauty.” 

~ D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson



For once you have tasted flight

you will walk the earth

with eyes turned skyward.

For there you have been,

and there you long to return.’“

~ John Hermes Secondari/Leonardo Da Vinci




Eyes Wide Open

Above is a link. Click it.

What is really going on in our world will chill you to the bones, but that is a good thing ~ Knowledge and understanding truly is humanity’s awakening power in order to unite, strategize and organize. We all must be on the same page, with like heart and minds, especially when on the battlefield for LIFE.  

~ plr 2010

“I care so much, I must walk away.”

~ plr 2010



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Wash Your Feet

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on April 09, 2023


It was Egypt 2007, where I spent five months in rest and recovery.

Marsa Shagra, an Eco Village, where this all took place.

Swimming wild & freely with dolphins in the Red Sea.

It holds deeply loving and fond memories for me.

Magical, truly magical and ever so needed.

One Last Goodbye.


“I’m just a particle with a heartbeat.”

~ plr  2010


“When one has peace within,

then the world is ONE/won.”

~ plr 2010


“Sometimes the student can

outteach the teacher.”

~ plr 2010


For every human life including WE right now,

for then our children and grandchildren,

may we leave the legacy of truth.

It starts with US.

Hear the Call.



“In the garden of our challenges

may the Lotus petal

be the table

we all rest upon

with empty minds seeing

eye to eye in peace.”

~ plr


“The freedom of my soul will never be diminished

yet at times is greatly missed.

You know what i’m saying, I know you know.

It is something that is simply there, unhindered.

They want to divide us when our song says unite us.

I just cannot bow to the hate ~ ever.

My soul says rise no matter.”

~ plr


I know many have gone through the worst. So have I.

No comparing  please ~ for pain is pain.

A paper cut to a child hurts even though it seems so trivial. It’s not.

The Greatest Comfort is Knowing You Are Not Alone.

I can’t do small moves, I need quantum leaping solutions NOW.


My whole immediate family is gone.

Very surreal that I am the last one standing.

I had a family of five.

I remember my mother having to sleep in the guest bedroom

of our house because of my fathers snoring through the nights ….

I was living there at the time.

She was in late stages of cancer throughout her body.

I asked my mother one evening as I crawled into bed with her,

if I could sleep with her?

She said, yes of course, just don’t move too much.

We were facing each other and I held her hand.

I said: “Mom, I have always loved your hands”

She said: “With all those age spots ..”

I replied: “They are beauty on the canvas of your life mom.”

Three of my family members came to me profoundly from beyond.

I still wonder…

Even though it was extraordinarily real?

It truly is … a personal journey.


Remember me now for tomorrow you might not.

And that is okay too. No regrets, no sorrow, no nothing.

Meet me in the middle of forever ~ in perfect timing.

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My Favorite Place to BE

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on January 19, 2023


New! Check it out.

image credit: plr Sedona, Arizona


Laniakea = the immeasurable heaven

Just wake up curious ~

walking side by side with the dancing Wu Li masters. 


“There is life ~ beyond here.”

~ plr 


Noone knows yet, and everyone is learning,

at the same time.


“Step inside my mind for a ride.”

~ plr 2010


On January 23rd, a Sunday, of 2010, I left my mind.  Not by choice. It just happened. I was one of the lucky ones. Woke up in hospital after brain surgery, seeing with new eyes as I called it from the holographic perspective. I did not lose any motor functions, however, i did lose memory along with some almost indescribable experiences. The left side of my brain squashed. The neurons in the left side stopped firing. I was operating on a different frequency. I was “feeling” life (heart) ~ not “thinking” it (head). Some of the books in the library of my mind burned … and I did not miss anything.


“The lamps are different,

but the Light is the same.

One matter, one energy, one Light,

one Light-mind endlessly emanating all things.”
~ Rumi


“Chaos is the illusory line that is drawn in the sands of time,

that signifies the end of our ignorance

and the beginning of our innate awareness.”

~ plr inspired by Robert Edward Grant


“When we do things in harmony and as a unit

we become one peaceful instrument

in the orchestra of LIFE.”

~ plr 


“We are dancing on pebbles in the sand

whilst the world goes round and round.”

~ plr


I wrote this to my daughter and framed it for her.

“Life is so magnificent
Even prophecies can be altered.
Life does not have to be the way it’s predicted.
It can ‘be’ changed
as the miracle of YOU happening.”
~ plr 2000


“The ignorant will laugh at me.

But the wise will understand,


The way through NOW. 

When you know that this moment is the DAO

And this moment is considered by itself

without past and without future ~ eternal ~

neither coming into being nor coming out of being ~ 

there is NIRVANA.

~ Alan Watts


 One Foot In Front of the Other

Above is a link. Click it.


I am tired of the game, the deceptions.

EveryONE, every life form should KNOW

the true nature of reality and how it was created.

No loving creator would keep this knowledge from its child.


You don’t know what you are IN until you get OUT.


Humanity has more to offer together,

than apart.


Admitting where you took a wrong turn in life

is the greatest reflection and correction one can make

on the path of self awareness for the future

of where ones NOW choice is going.

Freedom is then known.

Welcome to the journey.


Frankly Speaking “Invasion of the Nanobots”

Above is a link. Click it.

What is REALLY in the vaccines? The devil is in the details! Renowned researcher Dr. Ana Mihalcea breaks down bioweapon nanotechnology – transhumanist evils being conducted in the name of medicine. Could we be seeing the extinction of the human species? The separation of spirit and matter? This could be one of the most important videos you’ve ever seen! Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD is a board-certified Internal Medicine Physician with a PhD in Pathology and over 20 years of clinical experience.  She is part of an international research collaboration evaluating the nanotechnological contents of C19 injectables and working on treatment approaches. Her research field is C19 vaccine shedding, therapeutic approaches including metal detoxification and disabling self-assembly nanotechnology.


The unseen hand is generally correct

but must be guided as well.


Unfortunately, I can only describe things to you,

I cannot understand them for you.


“Knowledge is cosmic.

It does not evolve or unfold in man.

Man unfolds the awareness of it.

He gradually discovers it.”

~ Walter Russell


“I’m not a bad kid,

I’m a mischief that’s good.”

~ plr 


“You can’t fix something,

if what needs to be fixed

is unreachable.

Let go.”

~ plr 


“Love equals respect that is so powerful

it erases all hate.”

~ plr 2010


“We are transcending ideologies

in order to SEE the POINT.”

~ plr 2010


“We are just ‘thought forms’ happening.”

~ plr 2010


“I do not beLIVE in everything,

I beLIVE in sOMthing.”

~ plr  2010


“The laws of Nature are not statements about Nature

but statements about Framework.”  

~ J.G. Bennett. 


“We have an emotional bond with truth”

~ Dave Emery


“Where there is matter, there is geometry.”

– Kepler, Johannes


“If we were ALL ONE?

Then in this ONE’s view?

There would be no war.”

~ plr


“Consciousness can be trained to leave the physical body.”

~ Dalai Lama


“I AM leaving

Peace in my Truth

and Love in my Wake.

We are way-showers,

when we step out

of the way.”

~ plr 


“We are worth more uni~Phi’d

than we will ever be apart.”

~ plr 


“We need another and a wiser and perhaps a more mystical concept of animals… We patronize them for their incompleteness, for their tragic fate of having taken form so far beneath ourselves. For the animal shall not be measured by man. In a world older and more complex than ours they move finished and complete, gifted with extensions of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear. They are not brethren, they are not underlings; they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendor and travail of the earth.”
~ Henry Beston (quote featured in Earthlings)


Silent friend of many distances,
feel how your breath enlarges all of space.
Let your presence ring out like a bell into the night,
in this immeasurable darkness
be the power of the lioness within,
that too sings with thee,
grace and ease the totality in union of


RENDERING PEACE is the only SOULution


Bringing the Debate to Rest

Above is a link. Click it.


“ Well, the proceedings in the

‘National Academy of Sciences’ paper

is something we’ll have referenced in this video ..

it is referenced in a number of other publications,

because it’s important that we all have the facts.

That give us a high degree of confidence,

that we the people have been subject

to criminal conspiracies.” 

~ Dr. David Martin


BOOM! Connections with Corruption

Above is a link. Click it.


The way you see the world
depends on your own energy,
frequency, rate of vibration.
When your energy changes,
the world will look different.
Like those days when everyone
smiles at you because you feel happy.
-Thaddeus Golas


Organ Harvesting Exposed!

Above is a link. Click it.


“..thankfully for Zack he had a cousin who is a Registered Nurse, and that cousin was able to go to the bedside and prove that he was now responding and save him from the harvesting surgery. And interestingly after Zack was removed from the ‘Harvest List’, he was able to tell people that he HEARD every word being spoken, and I have his quote here..he was interviewed in 2019 and Zack said:

‘The next thing I remember was laying in the hospital bed not being able to move or breathe. I couldn’t do anything, I was on a ventilator. I heard someone say: ’I’m sorry he’s brain dead, he’s passing away.’ And there’s nothing I could do, just get mad, I couldn’t do ANYTHING ..To ‘sign’ at all [physical gestures], I tried to scream, tried to move, just got extremely angry.’

“You know if not for Zack’s cousin who turned this whole path around, Zack would have been taken for ‘Organ Harvest’. And I can tell you, if he was aware, obviously he was aware.” 


Gain of Function Industry w/

Whitney Webb & Johnny Vedmore

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Beginning this Monday, Jan 30, 2023,

we invite you to witness what may be

one of the most historic docu~series of all time.


When my younger brother Robert,

was murdered in October 1984,

I had a personal license plate made:

NVR4GT = Never Forget.


“Everything I have lived
I am grateful for.
No regrets.
For ‘everything’ taught me,
Everything I need to know.
Everything I can now forget.
For everything I was looking for
Was within me and never left.”

~ plr 2007


Speeding Up the Timeline 1.26.23

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Militarized Healthcare

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Fear is a powerful immune suppressant.

Replace fear with love and see your inner

and outer world respond rapidly.

May humanity become the ~

Immune System Come Alive!


“Where you look,

there you are,

your Reality

Awaits You.”

~ plr


If we are going to face FREEDOM we must not give power to those that perpetuate fear. On the mountaintop I shall stand unwaveringly when I take my last breath ~ singing to my hearts content, all that ever mattered, all that felt right to do, and all that will fly with me in transparency revealing EVERYTHING as I leave ~ dissolving all consequences for doing so.


Yes Sir, No Sir, No war, No more.

“Sometimes you have to use

the very instruments

that caused war

in order to end it.

 By inverting their purpose

and breaking false patterns.”

~ plr



Pfizer Caught on Camera

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Project Veritas What’s Up? 

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Unravelling Project Veritas

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Blockbuster Revelations

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Anal-eyes This

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Meta Data for whom?

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Episode 308 Chemtrail Trail

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1:16:50 minutes with Dane Wiggington


Calling It Out – Documentary

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The only way to FREE this world

the only way to live



Tucker & Ed Interview 2.2023

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Tucker: “ .. because you spent your life in banking, finance, and Wall Street.”

Ed: “.. and from there I saw the dot com fraud unfold .. steered our investors through the great financial fraud … my whole career has seen fraud .. over and over again .. Why’s a guy talking about this?

Tucker: “ Because you’re such an interesting guy .. you spent your life in banking, finance, and Wall Street.”

Ed: Right, right .. and what we do on wall street, we live in the, well, at least I do, and those that are good at this live between perception and reality. So we make money when we find a reality that is not yet observable to everybody else. And we take advantage of that. Usually we load up on a stock before there’s a reality that becomes apparent to the herd ~ and they have a perception that is different ~ and if I’m right, I make alot of money for my shareholders and my clients.

So what did I see in 2021 that really disturbed me?

I was trading markets with my own personal money ..

but what I DO ~is known as trend changes and pattern recognition.

So that is what I did my whole career.

My job was to get ahead of the herd,

and when I saw a trend, which, usually started off anecdotedly …

Tucker: We do something similar so I get it.. [news business following trends to report]

Ed: Yeah you get it, this isn’t rocket science.

Tucker:but you hear someone say: ‘what is that?’ ~ like I notice ‘this’, what is ‘this’?

Ed: Yeah so I noticed basically something in 2021, Sudden Athletic Deaths?.. you know I grew up ~ we all played soccer .. and these types of things did not occur with regularity. They were so rare they were highlighted with much fanfare. It started happening all over the place with little fanfare only local news stories .. and then in my friends circles on Maui, I didn’t know anybody that got c*v*d in 2020 on Maui. Then all of a sudden people started getting c*v*d all the time in 2021, and additionally I started hearing about injuries and weird things .. but then we started hearing stories of people dying in 2021 as opposed to 2020.

So I started suspecting the vaccine.

I noticed this and said to myself, well hmmmm? I betcha if this is a problem and I am correct, it’s going to start showing up in insurance company results and funeral home results. Meaning, if I’m right, and people are dying above trend, funeral home stock earnings should be above trend.

I was interested, I personally didn’t take the vaccine and I tried to warn people, don’t get it, but noone was really listening to me ..for me it was an experimental novelty that hadn’t been tested on humans yet ..

I did a little research and found that the animals didn’t fair so well in these trials that they had tried before… so the research was BAD. So I knew something was up there ~

And secondly, the ‘Operation Warp Speeds’ felt like a disaster to me ~

Anything Warp Speed, you know safety corners cut, I mean …

I’m a guy who understands how manufacturing processes work..

because I’m on Wall Street I have to understand these things

and I knew that anything rushed is writ larger theirs …

THEN the other thing I knew ..

it takes seven to ten years

for a normal vaccine

to be tested for safety

before it is put into the arms of people.

And we are going to do this in Warp Speed Time?

The clinical trial only lasted 28 days.

And I knew something was fishy there.

.. So we have the data,

we have the evidence,

and there’s a large global murder scene

that’s just occurred.

Tucker: “You used the term disaster,

that doesn’t sound like an overstatement”

Ed: No not at all.

This is the greatest crime scene

I’ve ever seen in my life …

I just want to see this end as quickly as possible.

Yawn… get me out of here.




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Honest Self Reflection

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Effortless Peace

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Secrets of the UN

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“Never let another determine who you are.”

~ plr 2010


The Grid in the Sky

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“ .. but what she refers to as A.I.F. for short (Alien Invader Force) ~ This hologram consists of everything we can perceive with our five senses, and is a low resolution copy of the spiritual Universe aka, the real Universe. This holographic copy of the Real Universe is what we perceive as physical but is actually the simulated Universe or Matrix System. And while the simulated Universe is extremely convincing to us we are trapped in a limited frequency band. All it is ~ is a virtual reality or a software program. And while they can transmit these dissonant frequencies from Saturn to keep the hologram in place and trap us in a limited frequency band, ultimately we are the ones holding it in place .. We must all continue to awaken and elevate our collective consciousness so we no longer vibrate at the frequency that is holding us prisoners. And that starts with you. Meditate often and do what you know to be right regardless of consequences. Embrace LOVE JOY & PEACE and all the frequencies that will break down this frequency prison ~ because ultimately, that’s all it is.”


What this video above “Grid in the Sky” is saying, brought to my attention a VERY LUCID DREAM I had depicting a VERY SIMILAR GRID she describes. I do feel the only trap we each are living in, Is the one that we think we are in. With like heart and mind united we create the third force of manifestation in a holographic Universe.   



“There is no such thing
as the independent observer
who can stand on the sidelines
watching nature run its course
without influencing it.”

“Most people believe that physicists
are explaining the world.
Some physicists even believe that,
but the Wu Li Masters know
that they are only dancing with it.”

~ Excerpts from “The Dancing Wu Li Masters”


“My will is strong and I know it won’t be long

Before the truth be known

That everything outside of this and inside of me

Clarifies the knowing, I’m not alone

Somehow I’ll find my way home….”

~ plr May 24, 2007


If you don’t stand for something,

you fall for everything.


Live the way you wish the world to be,

Act the same.



Breaking False Patterns

into Collective Coherencies.



“We have all gone through,

and are still going through,

the worst life could ever offer us,

as well as the most magnificent. 

May we continue watering 

the garden within our hearts 

knowing the journey 

is but a thread in the tapestry

weaving through the stories

we choose to leave,

and the stories we choose to feed.

Diving to the depths of despairs,

and rising to the heights of ecstasies,

in between the two beyond reasoning,

beyond the speed of light

into the unknown now known 

as our pure might.”

~ plr 


Lifes events awaken us to ourselves.


It was 1984, October 12, my younger brother Robert, was murdered.

He was 23, I was 24.

I wrote this poem along that journey which took five years to recover from.

An agonizing grief I never knew existed, but it did for me.

During this period I was suicidal,

it hurt to breathe, living was a nightmare.


One day everything changed.


Five years later to the month, in October 1989,

I was in my apartment on my knees praying to God,

“please let my heart stop”.


As soon as I said that,

something in the only way I can describe it as,

 a force of energy came and slapped me up the backside of my head,



The dark world I lived in for five years slammed shut.

 It was then that “Pamela” came back.


For the first time in five years I was finally happy!

I set goals and attained every single one of them.


Everyone around me were saying:

“What happened to you?

One minute you want to die, the next you want to live?”

Yes, I did.


And here we are in 2023.
Never lose your dignity, nor your humanity.


My brother came to me telepathically in 1998.
More to the story. Nice to know we are not alone.


“Know where the power rests ‘within’ you.

In the Calm of the Heart.

And when you real-eyes how close it is,

one’self’ will awaken to understanding

that it is in the kind little things we do,

and its effects are far more reaching

and bigger than we could possibly imagine …”

~ plr


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
~ Nikola Tesla


In a perfect realm or world,

I see the beings within it,

highly advanced,

on the same page,

of heart and mind,

expanding in coherency,

branching out,

like fractals on the tree of life,

A place where no war exists,

nor ever will.

Let us see beyond the mountains high

Let us see how much further

together we can fly.



Do not get lost in confusion. You can do this.


“ .. so the possibilities right now are super profound ..

WE, and by that I mean, you and I,

have not a possibility, we have a certainty

of being able to tell a story

that has been so long forgotten on this planet ~

that it’s just an echo in the consciousness of the few..

why is it that an imaginary friend

is not there because we do not see it?

..because our native state

still has imaginary friends that are real..

still has the possibility of space travel and time travel,

and all of those shapes and all of those dimensions,

and we still have that somewhere inside ..

The river knows where it’s going.”


“If we were aware ~ we would actually start by saying how do we move through the entire system of our engagement with the world without defiling anything?”


~Dr. David Martin























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“We do not grow absolutely, chronologically.

We grow sometimes in one dimension,

and not in another, unevenly.

We grow partially. We are relative.

We are mature in one realm, childish in another.

The past, present, and future,

mingle and pull us backward, forward,

or fix us in the present.

We are made up of layers,

cells, constellations.”

~ Anais Nin


“Love is the one thing we are capable of perceiving

that transcends dimensions of time and space.”

~ Robert Edward Grant


“The love that brings two together,

should only grow upon their parting.”

~ plr 2010


“You are bound to drown

if you don’t let your feelings feel.”

~ plr


The invisible curtain is coming down.

The lies are being uncovered.

Life has been rigged.



It’s a Mind Game

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“Never be silent when you know something is wrong.”

~ plr


1. Timelines

Above is a link. Click it.


2. WHO Sneak Attack

Above is a link. Click it.


3. Please Stop The Ride

Above is a link. Click it.


4. A.I. Bias Thought Control

Above is a link. Click it.


5. The Pyramid of Power

Above is a link. Click it.


6. Mind The Matrix – Documentary

Above is a link. Click it.


7. How Monsters Are Made

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“ don’t give away bits of your soul just to spend another day in the prison .. if they come for me I’m not going .. one of us is going to die today .. I’m not going with you to a cage, I’m not going to let you do any of this stuff ~ I’m not taking your vaccine, I’m not doing any of that shit.

..there’s a lot that needs to be said that hasn’t been said yet .. but I’m not going to give away part of my soul because I’m so terrified of leaving the prison .. because this is a prison folks .. we do all this stuff we give away more of our soul for just another day in the prison, and the more we give away of our soul the tighter the prison walls become, the tighter the bars become, the more constricted we become.

We give away more and more and more, we become completely locked down, we’re completely soulless ~ nothing left for what it means to be human, no enjoyment left now ~ we are just doing what it says and walking these little lines and living in this little box because we are terrified of leaving the prison ~ WTF is that? It’s a crazy way to think folks.

The prison only exists in your mind because you believe all this shit they wrote down on paper ~ you believe in their law and not in natural law ..

Do the right thing in all that you do ~ and nothing they’re doing is the right thing ~ think about your options here?

There are things far worse than death folks .. and what if this is just the test? This is just the exam to see how much of your soul you are prepared to give away.

Are you going to give it all away so it ends up in the well of souls on the motherboard ~ or are you just going to simply take the option to do the right thing in all that you do and step out when the time comes for you to step out, because you’ve learned how to face infinity without flinching.

Cuz that’s really what it’s about.”

~ Max Igan
The Three Fates Video 1.18.2023


Who Is Klaus Schwab? 

January 17, 2023
Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum
is underway right now in Davos Switzerland.
The globalists are meeting to decide
how they will control you
for the next decade of your lives.
But who is Klaus Schwab,
the man that sits at the helm of the WEF?

Johnny Vedmore

Unlimited Hangout

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Indomabilis = Untamable

May ALL know Peace.

.. and how does one come through tragedy to heal?

Well, we certainly don’t stay quiet about it!


“The real voyage of discovery

consists not in seeking new landscapes …

but in having new eyes”

Marcel Proust 1871-1922


Spread it ~
Like wildfire without the burn.


To awaken someone,
you need to knock
upon their door.


The Shadow State – A Documentary

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BEST SUMMARY of what is going on!

Above is a link. Click it.


Christine Anderson: they tried they failed

Above is a link. Click it.


John Lennon Message

Above is a link. Click it.


“Never let another determine who you are.”
~ plr 2010


“So unfortunately,
the ones that started with you,
might not finish with you.
The ones that had your back,
Might turn their back.
But don’t let those that left you,
Keep you from the best of you.
Never let the thought of losing people,
Cause you to lose yourself.
This is your journey.
It matters not how many times you fall,
It matters how many times you get back up.
Make your struggle surrender to you.
You came this far to take it to the next level.
When the destination is worth reaching,
The path will always be perfect.”
~ unknown


“If  I know something you don’t?
What I know should never hurt you.”


“When you put extinction level
stress on a species?
They do something brilliant.
They imagine a different future.”
Dr. Zack Bush


Let Us Clear It!

Above is a link. Click it.

The party before the assassination.

Corruption has been infiltrating

everything for a very long time,

now come to the surface,

to play out its agenda,

for all to see.


Never Forget

Above is a link. Click it.

There are more of us,

than them.


Contemplating Possibilities

Above is a link. Click it.

” .. their was an er of disappointment in the ..

the fact of this closed world ..

ideas about conscious evolution .. “

 ~ Rupert Sheldrake









“The knowledge

of all things

is possible.”

~ Leonardo DaVinci


A Tale of Two Timelines

Above is a link. Click it.

Ahhh the journey.

Be Open to what you don’t know.


Truth is U~In Verse


Exposed Toys in the Game

Above is a link. Click it.


A Soul~U~Tion Mission

Above is a link. Click it.


“ … You [humans] have a reason ~ When you wake up you have to realize you have a soul mission, and it’s not just to buy the next big screen flat television, and it’s not just to get the newest model of an iPhone .. and the final thing .. is we are going to create an environment where it’s safe, we need to make it safe for those .. to come back .. why don’t we create an open forum for people .. these geniuses who have the technology that can develop .. openly explore all kinds of options .. those technologies are out there but they are being shunned .. pushed away… ostracized .. and even being criminalized .. and cancelled [at least in the public arena. When it should be naturally occurring in our environment].  ~ Frank Jacob


“We choose our destiny every day.

At the same time?

We are not alone in that choice.

Sometimes life intervenes

taking us in a direction

we never thought


~ plr 


The Shift is Within

Above is a link. Click it.


Ignorance is the source

of all conflict.

Only a person who takes risks,

in a corrupted environment,

can ever be truly free.


Exposing the LIES

Above is a link. Click it.

“We need to be more than,

one or two voices

in the wilderness.”

~ Frank Jacob



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“Sometimes we blossom 

with tears in our eyes,

It’s simply an expression

Of the beauty of life.”

~ plr


Truth first
then love,
One is just
loving the lies.


There is no death,

energy can’t be destroyed,

only transformed.


“There is no safety

in unlimited technological hubris”

~ McGeorge Bundy



Enough is Enough

There is power everywhere,

waiting to be tapped in the field,

and we humans are

playing a big part

in making the difference.

I don’t know everything,

but I know something.


Peace is Eye~See


“Unjust laws exist;
shall we be content to obey them,
or shall we endeavor to amend them,
and obey them until we have succeeded,
or shall we transgress them at once?

~ Henry David Thoreau


One honest voice,

can be louder

than a crowd.


Our human species,

for some reason

must familiarize ourselves,

with an unfamiliar world.

And I’m not talking about familiarizing

with the world we entered in 2020,

I’m talking about familiarizing ourselves

with that nature which is innate

that we have been kept from,

now emerging for everyone.



The Real Anthony Fauci MOVIE!

Above is a link. Click it.

It was NEVER a pandemic.

It was a calculated,




Enough Said!

Above is a link. Click it.


EXCERPTS from Dr. Martins video above.


“Only a fool rallies an army before an army is equipped.
If the army isn’t equipped they die.
And the vision dies with them.


And if you identify as anything
I invite you to leave right now
because I’ll probably offend you.


And when it comes to fighting ..
if I have to take that hill alone I will take the hill.


“If we are all going to stand together
we must stand together .. informed.”


“We amplify the energy of the enemy
by keeping them anonymous.”


Time to talk about things
that don’t want to be talked about.


Dr. David Martin now speaks on the image above.
Powerful & kinda NAILS the Admission.


“This is actually published
in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
You know, it’s one thing when you say a dumb thing ..
but how many people have been dumb enough
to say a dumb thing and write it down?


Well, I do know this ~
if you’re dumb enough to say it,
and dumb enough to write it down,
I would NEVER be dumb enough to publish it
in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,
particularly when you consider the fact
that in 2011, 2012 the world health organization
had said that Sars Corona Virus was an eradicated disease.


So why would we need in 2015 a vaccine for a disease
that had been declared eradicated?
Why would we need that?


We needed it because this was not about a disease,
this was not about a pathogen.
It was about a biological weapon called a spike protein
that was trying to take down the lives and the livelihoods
and the dynamic life forms called humans.
THAT’S WHY it in fact was done.


And every single one of us looking at this
comes back and scratches our heads and say:
‘how could somebody be that nefarious?’


Well, let’s review a litle bit of psychology, shall we?
Have you ever heard of a serial killer?
Like a real sociopathic serial killer ..
the ones that carve their initials into peoples bodies
or leaves a trinket at the murder site?


There are people who actually celebrate
the fact that they can harm and maim and kill people
and leave a totem or a talisman
to actually flaunt the fact they are doing it.


[There is a German term for this:
= feeling malicious joy,
or gloating from another’s misfortune.]


So why did Peter Daszak say this:
“… we need to increase public understanding
of the need for MCMs [Medical Counter Measures]
such as a pan-influenza or pan-coronavirus vaccine. 
A key driver is the media,
and the economics follow the hype.
We need to use that hype to our advantage
to get to the real issues.
Investors will respond
if they see profit at the end of process,
Daszak stated.”


Well, according to the most reliable evidence of his genealogy
does anyone want to comment on the fact that
Peter Daszak’s father reportedly, is actually a member of the SS.


And isn’t it funny that the pathogen that he created &
sent over to a German biotech company called BioNTech
was the thing that was first injected into the state of Israel.


You know I’ve heard of bad marketing and branding campaigns ..
that one feels really bad to me … can you believe this?
A German BioTech Company using a pathogen
formed by the son of an SS Officer
was first injected into the entire population
of the state of Israel?


By the way I’m not supposed to say that out loud
because that’s apparently some sort of anti-something statement.
It’s not. It’s one of those ‘duh’ moments
where you say it out loud and you go
’that sounds bad when you say it’.
Well YEAH you know why?
Because IT IS BAD! That’s why it sounds bad.


And we the people, KNOW THAT HE SAID IT,
and rather than standing and calling our
public officials to account for this ~
WE actually let them get away with it by doing nothing.


For who?
Alex Azar, Departement of Health and Human Services
Anthony Fauci, Director NIAID
Ralph Bareck, UNC Chapel Hill
Peter Daszak, Eco Health Alliance


Four Felons who have HIJACKED THIS COUNTRY
while we sat by and did nothing.


You know back in the Revolution
we had things called ‘Intolerable Acts’..


I’ll tell you a little secret that they don’t want me to tell you ..
Because It turns out that in the
Emergency Use Authorization of the injections,
the liability limit which actually shields manufacturers from liability,
acts of felony’s perpetrated by
federal government agents or employees.
So it turns out that if you hold them accountable …
guess who goes bye bye?


Let’s hold everyone accountable!




We fall for the illusion of first separation.
When we’re told to separate we do [I don’t]
That’s it, just STOP IT.


When a government official says not to meet,
invite friends over and have a barbecue
and put more people together.
Do everything you can to defy separation
because separation is the first wedge into which evil goes.
Don’t let it happen, just say no.


If you want to take a system down, produce a wobble.
Let’s kill off the things that are corrupting the world.
Change the battlefield, hit em’ where it hurts.
The first snake that gets its head cut off
is the pharmaceutical companies.
Cut the head off the snake!


Repentance = the action of sincere regret or remorse.
Change direction.
Remember your essence.”




T.N.C. A Human Ally 

Above is a link. Click it.


“Did you know that

Dr. Fauci’s wife,

Christine Brady,

is the head of BioEthics for the

US National Institute of Health,

the NIH?”

“We have a top ranking German regulator
admitting that mRNA treatments need
a 5 to 10 year trial period to prove
that they are safe.”


The Godtrix Against the Matrix

Above is a link. Click it.

Excerpt of Godtrix above 

Above is a link. Click it.

Viewer Discretion


Aaron Russo Reflections & Warnings

Above is a link. Click it.

You will see and read the world

as it really is

after listening to this interview

with Aaron and Alex.

This was from long ago

and rings true today.


“The thing is we have one advantage.

They need us to cooperate.

See if we don’t cooperate with them,

They can’t win.”

~ Aaron Russo



“The Minds of Men” Documentary

Above is a link. Click it.


15:36 minutes of .. Brain Enhancement

Above is a link. Click it.


Dear Wolfgang – A Documentary

Above is a link. Click it.


Technocratic Huckster

Above is a link. Click it.


6:44 minutes of .. Is Elon Musk?

Above is a link. Click it.


4:09 minutes of .. The Real Elon Musk

Above is a link. Click it.


Brainwashed – Tom McDonald

Above is a link. Click it.



Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin


“We need to strip away the many layers

of the onion of consciousness

and remove external influence.

But to become bitter, cynical

and downright hateful

is never a good position to be in.

There IS something more to this world

than negativity and control.

The more inner exploration we do,

the more real we become.

All this stripping away

is incredibly liberating,

but also scary at times.

We must try not to lose hope.

Because now we have the chance

for balance and an innerstanding

of what needs to be done.

From this place we will then know

that the only real thing left

is our soul, our spirit, our essence.

No guides, no safety net, no hopium, no nothing.

Just you and I grounded in [knowing]

for the present moment and for the future.”

~ William Emmerson



4:01 minutes of Leaders?

Above is a link. Click it.


Looking at our North Star

Above is a link. Click it.



“The pain that made you

the odd one out,

is the story that

connects you to a

healing world.”

~ Tanya Markul


“You don’t have to know everything

To TRY something.”

~ plr




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October Seas

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“Circulation happens

When ONE is fully aware,

At peace and

In love with nature,

And the glory of its visions.

This for me is

My greatest ecstasy …

Life in harmony.”

~ plr



“I care not what you wear,

I care what is in your nature.”

~ plr 2010


The sound of the Mantra Om Mani Padme Hum.
Originated in Sanskrit, and spoken differently by Tibetans.

Who you ARE is not your thought.

I believe it is a knowing

from deep within your Heart.

The unseen knowing.

Nothing can interrupt these inate intentions in kind.


“An old story speaks about a similar problem.

A devoted meditator,

after years concentrating on a particular mantra,

had attained enough insight to begin teaching.

The student’s humility was far from perfect,

but the teachers at the monastery were not worried.

A few years of successful teaching

left the meditator with no thoughts

about learning from anyone;

but upon hearing about a famous hermit living nearby,

the opportunity was too exciting to be passed up.

The hermit lived alone on an island

at the middle of a lake,

so the meditator hired a man

with a boat to row across to the island.

The meditator was very respectful of the old hermit.

As they shared some tea made with herbs

the meditator asked him about his spiritual practice.

The old man said he had no spiritual practice,

except for a mantra which he repeated all the time to himself.

The meditator was pleased:

the hermit was using the same mantra he used himself,

but when the hermit spoke the mantra aloud,

the meditator was horrified!

“What’s wrong?” asked the hermit.

“I don’t know what to say.

I’m afraid you’ve wasted your whole life!

You are pronouncing the mantra incorrectly!”

“Oh, Dear! That is terrible. How should I say it?”

The meditator gave the correct pronunciation,

and the old hermit was very grateful,

asking to be left alone so he could get started right away.

On the way back across the lake the meditator,

now confirmed as an accomplished teacher,

was pondering the sad fate of the hermit.

“It’s so fortunate that I came along.

At least he will have a little time

to practice correctly before he dies.”

Just then, the meditator noticed

that the boatman was looking quite shocked,

and turned to see the hermit

standing respectfully on the water, next to the boat.

“Excuse me, please. I hate to bother you,

but I’ve forgotten the correct pronunciation again.

Would you please repeat it for me?”

“You obviously don’t need it,” stammered the meditator;

but the old man persisted in his polite request

until the meditator relented and told him again

the way he thought the mantra should be pronounced.

The old hermit was saying the mantra very carefully,

slowly, over and over, as he walked across

the surface of the water back to the island.”


If some lives form a perfect circle

Others take shape 

in ways we cannot predict 

or always understand.

Loss has been a part of my journey

But it has also shown me 

What is precious

for which I can 

only be grateful for.


You are so loved.

You are magnificent.

You have great purpose for being here.

No matter the folly,

your insights

and experiences

point the way

towards the peace

that is nipping at your nose

leading us all towards

that place called hOMe.

So nice to know

we are not alone.



“Do not turn away

from what needs to be faced.

It’s a mighty fine relief,

before one says goodbye,

to take the freedom to speak,

knowing it’s always worth the try.”



“Do not interrupt 

the acorn from growing, 

nor the bird from singing, 

nor the peaceful flowering 

of a daffodil from blooming ~ 

let it take its course 

in human viewing it, 

in awe of its beauty ~ 

until naturally its petals 

fall to the soft Earthly soil 

like hands caressing the flow 

from whence seen 

to loving bliss in the eyes 

of the awaiting unknown

to be known. 

It is our collective journey ~ 

may it be in kind 

from beginning 

to never ending Calm,

in the dance of life.”




There is more to existence,

than HERE.



The Full Interview of above.

Above is a link. Click it.


“ ..Getting everybody through and out of it ..

certainly knowing how ..

possible futures works ..

makes it so you can

work your mind very quickly

to see the reality of

what’s happening and

what decisions need to be made

to change it for a particular outcome.

At a certain point after they’re done

hearing the computer tell them

this is what’s going to happen

over and over and over again,

all they become focussed on

is how do we fix it ..

the inevitable contraction of the timelines..

what I do know is

I was called in and asked to solve this ..

timeline contraction problem ..

there is an inevitable event ..

it’s been forecast, it’s been predicted,

it’s been fed to us in a [manner]

they want us to believe will happen..

However, they don’t actually

have control over what happens.

They only have control over the reaction,

and it seems that no matter

what they try to do to cause their desired reaction..

It’s going to have an opposite effect.


If I had to give it a name,

I would say it is 

the awakening process.

It’s an evolution of consciousness

that cannot, will not,

and no matter what decisions

or possibilities are injected

into the equation,

eventually it all resolves

down to us all learning the truth..

and becoming aware

of this MASSIVE dam of lies

that has been built

that keep us from knowing

massive volumes of information

that we should otherwise possess.”

~ Bill Wood


Be prepared to let go of,

pretty much,

everything you have ever

been taught to believe.

Number ONE…

We are not alone in this knowing.

We are many in this truth revealing.



May we collectively

water the forests of life

in peaceful abundant direction.


Wars, deception and falsities be gone.


“Don’t be dismayed at good-byes.

A farewell is necessary

before you can meet again.

And meeting again,

after moments or lifetimes,

is certain for those

who are friends.”

~ Richard Bach


Born Free


It’s an unfair game

if we don’t have the rules to it.

At the same time?


“I think we make it up

as we go along,

someone else did.”

~ plr


“Meet you in the middle

of forever.”

~ plr



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September Reigns

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“There’s something

about human beings,

that makes this species,

want to tell their secret. 

A whisper yearning

to be bold,

so wild a story,

that must be told.”



Time for talk and half measures

are over.


There comes a point in life,

where you just have to

make up your mind.


54:18 Kinda Sums it UP

Above is a link. Click it.


“Life is Worth Losing”

November 5, 2005

Beacon Theater, New York City, N.Y.


3:53 minutes of … Subverting Society

Above is a link. Click it.

When the Nazis wanted to

take over medicine and education,

they removed as many

competent people as they could.

They also removed people of conscience.

If you weren’t a Nazi,

you could not play a role in government

and government controlled institutions.

This cleared the way for the Nazis

to subvert every aspect of society.

The CV Con has been used the same way
with the same result:

They succeeded in removing as many
capable doctors, nurses and

teachers of conscience as possible –

leaving the hacks and sludge

who will go along with anything.

Link above is an example

of what it looks like in teaching

and the price young people are paying.


The above video,

in one minute 20 seconds,

will show you Everything

you need to know

about why the news media –

and that includes:


Facebook and Twitter –

betrayed humanity

and aided criminals,

by pushing

dangerous medical “products”.

And got PAID to do so.


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Setting the Table

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Lifting the Veil

to See how to Sail,

in the Ocean of Life

Unbound and FREE! 


“There is no greater agony

than bearing an untold story

within you.”

~ Maya Angelou


“The human species must become,


come alive on host planet,

body Earth.”



Truth + Transparency = Trust


3:52 minutes of .. Lunacy

Above is a link. Click it.


“It is easier to fool people

than it is to convince them

they’ve been fooled.”

~ Mark Twin


“Laughter is good medicine
truth dissolves fears.”
~ plr 2010


“Ignorance is humanity’s
greatest enemy.”
~ plr


“I’m habitually tired,
of walking through this life with lies.
Aren’t you too?, said the foot to the shoe.”
~ plr


“Once you reveal your true self,
NoOne will be able to destroy your character.”
~ Liara Covert


“When the debate is lost,
slander becomes the tool
of the losers.”
~ Socrates


“There comes a point
where you have to
make up your MIND”


“The devils in the detail,

stop following the wobble.”



We Will Not Be Centralized!

Above is a link. Click it.


“..and if you go to 

the BIS website, 

and you READ literally 

all their governing documents, 

it will astonish you, 

the extent to which 

they enjoy immunity from 

national government laws. 

They have become a 

Parallel Universe 

 unto themselves.”


“.. where this is headed 

is so ridiculous 

and so dark 

it needs to be 

dialed back 



“.. the structure 

of the system is, 

they have a back door 

into everything 

we as taxpayers 

put money into. 

And either we shut 

that back door, 

and start to get 

our money back, 

or there are 

no solutions.” 

[It has never been ‘our’ money though]


{Polly Tommey says:}

“ .. because if we 

don’t stand firm now, 

look at your grandchildren, 

look at your children ..  


{Catherine continues}

“No, no, I’m going 

to stop you Polly. 

You won’t be able 

to look at them, 

because they will

have taken them. 


“If they can put 

a chip in your hand 

and implement a 

financial transaction 

control grid ..

It’s not just 

that they can 

mandate a vaccine, 

or cut you off from food, 

They can, and will, 

take your children. 


“When people say 

I have nothing to hide? 

Yes you do, 

you have your children to hide. 

I’m serious about this. 


If you look at the people 

who are running 

this operation 

they are slavers. 

They practice slavery, 

they believe in slavery  

slavery is the single 

most profitable business 

ever to date 

in the history of man 

on the planet. 


They will take your children. 

Not from everybody, 

but I assure you, 

this fight is for all the marbles. 



These guys can print money, 

they don’t need your money. 


They want your land, 

they want your gold 

and they want your kids. 

Those are the 

real assets they’re after. 


“It’s so important

to turn the boat

before we hit the iceberg.”


We have to get 

a little bit frightened 

so we realize .. okay, 

it’s time to turn the ship.”

~ Catherine Austin Fitts


Missing Money?

Above is a link. Click it.

Excerpt from link above:

“What’s going on?

Where is the money?

How could this happen?

How much has really gone missing?

What would happen

if a corporation

failed to pass an audit

like this? Or a taxpayer?

This means the Fed

and their member banks

are transacting

government money

outside the law.”


EO 14067

Above is a link. Click it.


Do NOT Comply

Above is a link. Click it.



Reversing the Narrative.

I call it a …



Knowledge or information 

based on real occurrences.

IST = 

Denoting an agent.

One who does or makes. 


The CIA  coined the term

“Conspiracy Theory” in 1964.

In order to re-direct the public,

and shame anyone who was


the Kennedy assassination.



An Encouraging Romp

Above is a link. Click it.


But it does mean that

we can and will make it through

these trying times.

And the quicker that we wake up

and realize the power

to change the world for the better

is in our hands—not in the hands

of the would-be world controllers—

the sooner this nightmare will end.


“You can never make a mistake,

only make the next best step.”

~ plr


The oldest and strongest

emotion of mankind is fear,

and the oldest and strongest kind of fear

is fear of the unknown,”

~ H.P. Lovecraft


AND BELIEF is just a habit

that is sometimes hard to break.

It is called Mind Control,

In a simulated world.


“When you face your fears,

the demons disappear.”

~ plr


When we turned the corner into 2020,

I said with a passionate heart

that could see what was unfolding,

before our eyes at lightning speed,

“Do not ever get used to

twenty twenty.”

~ plr



Above is a link. Click it.



Above is a link. Click it.


What David is saying here

is very much in line with

what my personal experiences

and views have always been, yet,

had no words to decipher it?

For what reason does not matter,

it is happening.

And this knowledge

is surfacing for all to see.

David is a word man

and does a brilliant delivery

of something that might

seem so complex,

made simple.

Thank you.


From the Beginning NO WAY I said. 

Above is a link. Click it.


I am not an expert,

but have learned a bit

on body language.

Watching this video above,

with Elton John and Michael Caine?

How much more can humans

be made to believe (be-lie-ve)



A vision came to mind today,

and felt to share.

I was reminded of

The boiling frog experiment.


“As to what is


comes further to our

collective surface to see?


what is happening  becomes.

And people begin to agitate,

as the water boils unknowingly,

to most.

Right now I say,

Get out before the water boils.


Remove the ones,

and that which is bringing

the water to a boil.


Nature can be FREE in its

state of being,

if unhindered by pressure,

Benevolently & Naturally.


If there is a cancer in the host body,

That host body being an individual,

or our host body Planet Earth?

Remove the cancer swiftly,

with every means necessary.

There are healing modalities

already existing,

to create abundant  healthy life,

and make Earth a paradise.”




I wrote the poem below instantaneously

as if writing a letter.

The words poured onto paper

without thinking.

Isn’t life so utterly magnificent,

and so nice to know,

we are not alone.


“May we learn to live
without regrets. 
To live with Peace
in Understandings.
To behave in
rightful manners.
To look in the mirror
and reflect.
To see ourselves as we are,
Growing, dissolving,
accepting, re-emerging,
As fully potentized
realized beings. 
To admit face to face
where we went off balance.
To see that the journey was …
I AM that I AM.” 
~ plr 2010


I have been on a journey

that is showing me so much.

It is beautiful really.

Not always been easy.

Like the part of me that was insecure,

growing up hidden within a vessel,

unclear, afraid, and

never wanted to come out.

Well, that precious part

has broken through.


“Whatever is written in stone,

can be broken.”

~ plr


I want to share

the backstory

to this quote I wrote,

by Robert Dana Richards

in the image above,

that came from beyond.


You see, he was my younger brother. He was murdered October 1984, he was 23, I was 24. It was a devastation that took five years of my life to make it through. I describe it as standing on the side of a turbulent stream and on the other side was total PEACE. Sometimes I had one foot on the rock and one in the water, but I made it. Took five years but I landed, Wow. Looking back it is so surreal why I am still alive?

Fourteen years later, I was heading to Cancun, March 1998. Before I left for Cancun though? My mother and I kinda got into arguing about the ring. You see, I asked her if I could take the ring my brother was wearing when he died ~ with me. She had it in her safe.

I wanted to see if having it with me in what I thought was a place where different energies were, and maybe he would connect with me ~ his spirit would come through or something would happen?

Mom and I were both crying and … eventually she gave it to me.

I knew it was hard for her too, because it was, in her mind and heart, precious because it was HIS. When you lose someone so near and dear you want everything you can that was theirs, at least that is what my experience was when losing someone so close that you love. It was torture, the grief.

So there I was in Cancun fourteen years later, standing in front of the bathroom mirror in my hotel room, looking at this ring I wore on a gold chain necklace.  It was as if time stood still.  Without a thought, my right hand lifted this ring up as I watched myself in the mirror doing it.  And AS CLEAR AS DAY, his voice came in from the left side of my head  at about 10 o’clock, and I knew it was him, like a thumbprint, you just KNOW ~ he said: “Get rid of it, it’s not me anymore, Get Rid of it, It’s not me anymore.”

I turned my head left in the direction of his voice, a bit taken aback. It’s not easy to explain how I felt the moment I heard this, but I was not surprised, more elated, as I paused for a brief moment absorbing what just happened.

Then turned to face the mirror again, while still holding the ring in my right hand, thought this: “Okay, I’m going to resize it and wear it on my finger”.  I began to slowly slide the ring onto my left pointer finger, and when it got to the second knuckle?  Again! As Clear as Day, his voice came in repeating: “Get rid of it, it’s not me anymore, Get Rid of it, It’s not me anymore.”

It was so profound that when I arrived home, I walked into the kitchen where my mother was standing and handed her the ring … and said: “I don’t need this anymore.”

She put it back in her safe.

We are so not alone friends, and I KNOW we do not die, we transition. To who knows where? Only ONE will know when ONE gets there. It truly is a PERSONAL JOURNEY. And life carries on and on and on in the mystery of it all. PEACE, TRUTH, & coherency is all she desires.


Rhythm. Frequency. Balance.
Natural. Coherency.
In March 2010 I participated in the:
“Twelve Seconds for Peace Project”
And submitted this clip.
I was healing from a TBI
(Traumatic Brain Injury).
When I woke up in hospital,
I was seeing the world
with new eyes as I called it,
from the holographic perspective.
“Feeling” life not “thinking” it.
Operating from my heart not my head.
Empty mind. So freeing.
It is why I call it: “The Gift of A Fall”.
Because it is what got me through
many things.
The most beautiful thing
I have ever experienced.
Bliss is real.
I was one of the lucky ones,
for thank goodness
I did not lose motor skills.
I lost memory though, but not all.
Some of the books
in the library of my mind burned,
neurons not firing,
but I did not miss anything.
The chatter never really mattered.
And I woke up with a
wonderful sense of humor.
Thank God for the God of Giggle!
The SCENE HERE: I love lightning!
So during the monsoons
I would go into my magic garden
as I so very much loved to do.
And stood under this
amazing thunderstorm.
Set up my camera on a tripod
capturing whatever happened.
I was still trying to maintain balance
because I would lose it at times.
So what happened here
was simply me relaxing
and going with the ease of flow.
What you hear
is unedited in each frame.
When I opened my arms wide
and let my head fall back looking up,
the thunder appeared instantly like music,
right above my head, like,
You could not have scripted this ~
it was nature at its finest and I adored it.
I always said when the lightning struck …
you missed your mark, I am over here!


“What one needs in this universe
is not certainty
but the courage and nerve
of the gambler;
not fixed conviction
but adaptability;
not firm ground
whereupon to stand
but skill in swimming.”
~Alan Watts


The Media Matrix

Above is a link. Click it.


The Electric Pine Cone

Above is a link. Click it.


“ .. I had an experience. 

I can’t prove it. 

I can’t even explain it, 

but everything that I know 

as a human being, 

everything that I AM, 

tells me that it was real. 

I was given something wonderful.

Something that changed me forever. 

A vision of the Universe

that tells us undeniably 

how tiny and insignificant, 

and how rare and precious

we all are.

A vision that tells us, 

that we belong to something 

that is greater than ourselves. 

That we are NOT, 

that none of us are alone.

I wish I could share that.

I wish that everyone,

that if even for one moment, 

could feel that AWE 

and humility, 

and the hope, but .. 

That continues to be my wish.”

~ Ellie (Contact the movie) 


” May the space where I AM

Inspire the journey

in between the places

to where I AM going.

On the path of life

may we shine

our light together,

coherently, benevolently,

someway, somehow,

forever and ever.”

~ plr 


Mercola & Edward

Above is a link. Click it.


“The whole medical system

unfortunately is incentivised

to make money and profits.

It’s been going on for years.

And here’s something

a lot of people don’t know

if you’re not on Wall Street.


There was this company ..

either Gilead or ..

I don’t know which one it was,

but they came up with a drug

that cured Hep C,

Hepatitis C, cured it!


Now, let’s talk about

what happened.


The stock took off

but then quickly

people realized well,

there’s only 80,000 people

in the U.S. with Hep C,

they’ll cure it.


Oh this drug cures it?

It doesn’t address the symptoms

where we can have a cash flow

for the life of the patient?


Uh the stock didn’t like that.


And so Goldman Sachs

and a couple of other

research houses wrote,

that as a business model

it’s better to treat the symptom

than cure it.

Because you get

a sustainable cash flow.


There you go!


I mean that was written down

on Wall Street in a report.


I don’t think they knew

what they were saying

they were just analyzing it

and just said it.

That’s the model.


What we are looking at

is a whole system designed

to treat symptoms

rather than cure something ~

this is what Western medicine

has become.”

~ Edward Dowd (Hedge Fund Guru)



The Table is Tilted

Above is a link. Click it.


Where’s Your Ribbon? 

Above is a link. Click it.


Reality is Finally Surfacing!  

Above is a link. Click it.

“Faith is the surrender 

of the mind, 

the surrender of reason, 

it’s the surrender 

of the only thing 

that makes us different 

from other mammals. 

It’s our need to believe. 

And to surrender 

our skepticism 

and our reason 

our yearning, 

to discard that,

and put all our trust 

or faith in someone, 

or something?

That is the sinister thing to me.” 


“Of all the virtues 

and all the supposed virtues, 

faith must be the most overrated.”


“Mother Teresa 

wasn’t a friend of the poor, 

she was a friend of poverty.

It must be the most

successful emotional con-job

of the 20th century.”


Take the risk of thinking for yourself; 

much more truth, 

happiness, beauty, 

and wisdom will come to you.”

~ Christopher Hitchens. 




This film represents

what I felt when I experienced this,

as we all turned the corner into 2020.




When you know something is wrong,

speak out about it.

Truth rarely makes sense,

when key components

are omitted.


“Do not cover truths with secrets unseen. 

They do more harm hidden

than in the open revealing.” 

~ plr 2010


If  Love is not Forever,

then what is Forever For?



PART 1 Shoah 1985

PART 2 Shoah 1985

Above  are links. Click it.

The above two Documentary Films
are hard to watch but we must.
In order to see
what happened back then,
that never left,
only moved underground,
around the world.
Now trying to metastasize
upon this Earth.
Gestapo tactics.
But some giant steps
have already been taken.
Knowledge Is power
unafraid to look at it,
and do something about it.


“We just don’t need

the vast majority of the population

because the future is about

developing more and more

sophisticated technology

like artificial intelligence,”

 ~ Yuval Noah Harari,  WEF Advisor


As I said from

the beginning

of 2020

“Never lose your humanity”


Vera Sharav Nuremberg Speech 2022

Above is a link. Click it.

Vera Sharav, Holocaust survivor and human rights advocate, speaks first at the 75th Anniversary Event of the Nuremberg Code in Nuremberg, Germany, on August 20, 2022. It was almost 75 years ago that the city of Nuremberg was the place of a historic declaration. When the judges of the military tribunal against leading medical officers in the Nazi administration passed their verdict, they issued what would become known as the Nuremberg Code.


Mary Holland Nuremberg Speech 2022

Above is a link. Click it.

Mary Holland,

President & General Counsel

for Children’s Health Defense,

speaks at the 75th Anniversary Event

of the Nuremberg Code

in Nuremberg, Germany,

on August 20, 2022.


10:15 minutes of .. THE WHITE ROSE

Above is a link. Click it.



The words on the Rock of the Dome say:

“Let our fate be a warning to you.”

Edith P. Testimony


The Forum Preview



It’s Genocide Going On

Above is a link. Click it.

A Little Explaining Why?

Above is a link. Click it.



Excerpt from this film:

“The grunts are dying at a level

acceptable for both

the American military

and the American public.

Another 65 this week,

about the same next week,

and the next, and the next.

Until the very last American division,

combat division is withdrawn.

And so far all the words

from Washington …


have gone home.

“The war isn’t over, but it is ending.

It is ending not because

of the ‘Paris Talks’

or the demonstrations at home.

It is ending because the largest

and wealthiest and most powerful

organization on Earth,

The American Army,

is being challenged from within.


“From the very cellars of its pyramid,

from the most forgotten,

the most brutalized,

and certainly

the bravest of its members.


“The war is ending because

the Grunt is taking no more bullshit.


Q: What happens to an

unpopular Officer out in the field?


A: Mostly an unpopular Officer,

from what I heard,

if they mess with a Grunt too much,

they get shot …

A friend of mine,

a Captain,

kinda got shot in the back.


Q: Why? What was he doing,

what was the Captain doing?


A: .. from what my friend said

he was telling them

to just go on through and well,

they were getting  hit pretty bad,

and he was telling them,

to just keep on going.

They said: ‘no’,

and he … kinda got shot.”


Being the daughter

of an Air Force Fighter Pilot Officer,

and being born at

Luke Air Force Base, Arizona,

and growing up on

military bases in Europe,

in my opinion,

with our world today,

it is imperative

to go after the Generals,

and not biting

at the ankles of the picket lines.


I used to say to my father:

“Fly for the Love of It, Not the Fight”.


But when push comes to shove,

and globally we are ALL being shoved,

mercy has left the building.


We need a HUMAN ARMY,

those who have been trained,

skilled, and strategic,

operating in a very

coordinated manner,

just like they do in the military,

in order to Reverse the Narrative.

Take over the airwaves

from every nodal point possible,

in order to break the spell.

Snap out of it people.


Heartbeat for PEACE

no matter what it takes

to get there … FINALLY.


Sometimes bringing an end to war

means taking your trained skills,

be strategic, stealth, and organized,

take off your uniform,

turn those birds around

and come hOMEe,

and do a 180 on the Brass,

who are calling for war.

It’s all been a lie.


NVR4GT = Never Forget




Dr Judy Tells it LIKE IT IS! 

Above is a link. Click it.


Excerpt from above Dr Judy

“ … although the data was very clear,

so I was taught their lies,

their damn lies and statistics,

I show all the data in a paper,

and that honestly is what saves our lives. 


So where we’re grey in 2022

is things like Project Veritas,

Plandemic [the Documentary],

thank God for Mikki Willis,

and David Martin,

people who come from

different perspectives,

different trainings.. see the data,

you can’t refute DATA! 


Not one word of my books is my opinion..

they are fact.

We have a references..

we have published papers

for every single thing in those books. 

That’s how the sausage is made,

and how the game was played..

so the good news about 2022

is they can’t silence us any longer. 

I learned silence equals death,

Because not only are we called

not to participate in people

engaged in darkness like Tony Fauci,

but we’re called to

shout it from the rooftop. 

And that’s how I was trained.

The DATA speaks VOLUMES. 



“Because if scholars

honor their obligation

in an age of corruption ~

then there is no censorship

because the data doesn’t lie,

and science is supposed to

be independent of opinion.”

~ Dr. Judy Mikovits




We are so not alone my friends.

I just found this episode,

while driving up North today,

and felt to share it.

I really like this team that J.B has.

Funny, real, down to Earth,

and open minded. Cool.



”They” create the PROBLEM,

Glean the REACTION from the public,

then offer the SOLUTION

to the problem “they” created.




I post this by Joe Dispensza

because of the valuable information,

he imparts in it.

Interesting because upon listening?

I remember back in 2010,

when I had a NDE (near death experience)

involving Brain surgery (TBI),

I woke up seeing with what I call

“New Eyes”.

I also noticed the connection

between my heart and brain.

I knew that I could not just ‘think’

about something of desire,

but that my heart

had to be in sync

with my brain to be true.

They had to be intentionally coherent.

Because when my heart and brain

were in sync  ..

Basically I was ‘thinking’ and ‘feeling’

in unison coherently,

which is when what I call:



Emotional Manifestation.

I could see it as a triangulation.

Brain / Heart / Manifestation


“We’re just people trying to live our lives….

we gotta tell our stories.”

~ jim breuer


Here is what Jim is talking about

in the video above with Dan.

I posted it on this blog

July 2nd & sharing again,

it’s that good!

“Somebody Had To Say It!” 

Above is a link. Click it.



Conversations With A Working Man

Above is a link. Click it.


Those who love PEACE

must organize as effectively,

as those who want war.



“In the night..

I can see the glow..

There’s a fire..

and we’re choosing how we see it

enemy, or set us free..

we can let the changes take us..

phoenix fly up from the ashes…”

~ Ayla Nereo



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What Else Is There?

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“The more one is censored,

the bolder one becomes.”

~ plr



It just Happens my friends. And she wrote:



the past keeps

the presence going.

A kinda’ spark,

that lifts one up,

with confidence to say,

In any given moment:

“Hell No More”,

For the gift,

of humanity’s future,

Singing out loud now.

We have eyes to see,

Ears to Hear,

And truth






“The Good news is TIME flies.

Even better news?

You are the co-pilot!”

~ plr


After the Gift of a Fall in 2010,

I said:

“If I believe

the same tomorrow,

As I do today?

I won’t be happy.”

~ plr


You can grow up with a hard life,

suffer injustice, sorrow, and pain,

and still be a beautiful and kind person.



Let’s Remember! 

Above is a link. Click it.


White Coat Summit

Above is a link. Click it.


Let’s Be DONE with it!  

Above is a link. Click it.


Below is an excerpt from a gathering of friends,

with Dr. David Martin and his wife Kim.


“..if we look at principles in nature, 

we can suddenly 

move from a world 

in which we saw 

that we had problems, 

to a world 

in which we saw 

that we had power, 

that we were not harnessing 

appropriately.” [Tao]


“.. none of us 

have a problem to fix .. 

because it isn’t 

a problem to fix, 

it is energy to steward.”


“And by repositioning ourselves, 

repositioning our stories, 

repositioning our perspectives, 

we’re able to enter 

into the powers of observation 

to say the Universe 

has richly provided us, 

with all the energy we need 

to LIVE and LIVE fully.”


“I just want to make sure you realize .. 

that you are not alone. 

We are here with you, 

you are here with us ..”


“They stood 

for their homeland, 

their values, 

their families, 

their lives, 

and most of all 

for the ideal 

that was in fact 

bigger than any 

individual one of them at all. 

And the reason 

300 stood against a million, 

and prevailed against a million, 

is because 

they did the work 

to know that we 

are not the sum of individuals, 

we are not the chained 

and the shackled, 

we are not those 

without a home, 

WE are HUMAN.”


“And the power of tyranny 

can never hold a candle 

to a human fully enlivened.”

~ Dr. David Martin


Treasure Map

Above is a link. Click it.


See The Techniques Used on Humanity

Above is a link. Click it.


Time to Listen!

Above is a link. Click it.


The Healing Thread 

Above is a link. Click it.




“As you heal ~ 

Your attractions

Change too.


Toxicity stops

Looking like





Peace stops

Looking like 


~ author unknown


May Peace Reign Supreme



 Science has been infiltrated! 

Above is a link. Click it.


Celebrity Frontmen

Above is a link. Click it.



There already EXISTS

Technology ~

That could heal the world,

from poverty,



and every lack

humanity seems to have.





CLEAN Hearts & Minds.

One breath at a time.

Break the Divide



Teach our children well,




Remember the importance 

of nurturing your first 

few followers as equals

So it’s clearly 

about the movement, 

not you.

The biggest lesson, 

Have you noticed,

Did you catch it?

Is that leadership 

Is over glorified.

Yes it was the shirtless guy first,

And gets all the credit.

But it was really

the first follower

That transformed 

The lone nut

Into a leader. 

Have the courage to follow

And show others

How to follow.

When you find a lone nut 

Doing something great?

Have the guts 

to be the first one

To stand up 

And join in. 



“ .. and the reason 

why it’s important 

to tear apart 

the idea of belief?

Is I’m not special

in my insight,

I just look differently.”

~ Dr. David Martin


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Unafraid to Be Real

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“We must be skeptical

of absolutely everything.”

~ John Pilger


“You will find more danger

in one day in any city in the world ~

Than you will ever find in those forests.” 

~ Instinct the movie


We all have gifts to give

Moments to share

that are relevant

and necessary

for the good

of the whole

to live.



you have to

lose your mind,

in order to find it.”

~ plr



you have to let go,

of pretty much everything,

you were ever taught

to believe,

in order to SEE.”

~ plr



Drop the Pebble in the Pond. 

The rock called your Voice. Do It. 


Break the Current Waves

That are not nurturing

For Clarity

For Truth

For Peace. 


“There is no greater Freedom,

than truth in love.

There is no greater love,

than truth

without Fear.”

~ plr 2010


“Noone needs letters after their name,

like PhD’s or anything,

to have a meaningful

something to say.

Like, how about

starting with,


~ plr



You do not need to defend

your education.

Or rather,

the indoctrination.

Break Free.

Reverse the narrative.


image: 2006 Documentary “David Icke Was He Right”. 


“In a perfect world

testing would Never

be necessary,

for all is known.

It’s just where

my mind goes.”

~ plr


“When more than one person,

focusses on ONE THING,

it manifests more quickly.

Like all things in life,

it works much more effectively,

if everyONE sincerely,

believes in themselves.”

~ plr



You are loved.

You are important.

You are relevant.

You have meaning.

You have purpose.

You are a human being.

You are Not Alone!

You have friends out there,

even if never met yet.

You are here and valuable to yourself,

first and foremost.

Never Forget THAT!




There was life before the internet.

Never lose your humanity.

Never get swallowed.

Nature yearns

to be nurtured,

coherently on,



Excerpt below from above video.


“Listen .. both sides,

Liberal, conservative ~

Get RID of the Labels.

We’re all individuals.

And the minute,

We all GRASP that,

And the minute We realize 

Were projecting Our energy 

Into such unnecessary 

Theatrical Theatre,

Which is what it is.

And infiltrating 

The way you think,

The way you dress, 

What your emotions will be.

It’s controlling you 

more than you can imagine. 

You gotta walk away. 

They go behind the curtain

And laugh AT US! 

[‘they’ being the ones creating all this mind BS]

And when they say it’s a party,

This party, that party, 

They’re ALL at the same party!

They go Cheers ..

Look at these dummies ..

You know what we gotta do?

You know how you ‘FAST’ 

For your body?

We have to ‘FAST’ for our MINDS. 

Fasting for your body 

is really good for your health, 

but you know what’s even better? 

Noone ever talks about it but ..

Why not doing..

‘Fasting for your Mind’.

..turn everything off 

No Radio


No News

No Religion

No Pop Culture.” 

~ Jim Breuer & Jimmy Shaka


“Once you understand the foundation,

it is up to you to choose,

which house to build.”

~ plr 



Above is a link. Click it.



“Every bite I take feeds the hungry.

Every drink I take nourishes the thirsty.

Every breath I take

awakens me further,

along with another.

And every line I cross,

shows me just how much

farther I can go.”

~ plr 2010


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2022 A Silent Door Now Opening

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on July 07, 2022


“Silence enables the liar.”


“When you are

on the same path

with someone,

even though parted?

And the fork

in the road appears in 2020

for the entire world?

The only way through,

is together

no matter what.”



The time for talk

and half-measures

are over.


Like Terrence McKenna

said long ago, and I agree.

We have

perfected politeness

to a fault.


Yet, at the same time?

Being polite is the way to go,

just don’t cross

the line.


No matter what,

Speak your truth.

Break free,

because you are

worth it.



I know the extraordinary is possible.

I know my heart beats for Peace.

I know there is,

something else happening,

beyond what I speak.

Blissful easy feelings.

I want to be there,

and never leave.


We are in uncertain times.

In order to make them certain?

May our journeys be well defined.


“My brain is only a receiver,
in the Universe there is a core
from which we obtain knowledge,
strength and inspiration.
I have not penetrated
into the secrets of this core,
but I know that it exists.”

~ Nikola Tesla



Above is a link. Click it.

Below is excerpt from Film Above. 

Cathy O’Brien is someone I hold to heart 

with deep admiration. 


I met her during my 

personal journeys in life 

with former husband, 

British Author David Icke. 


“There is no place to run,

except right at them!”

~ Mark Phillips



“He bragged 

about sexually abusing me..

My brain was 

trying to protect me 

from the sexual abuse 

that I was enduring. 

It was so suffocating 

to me as an infant 

That it caused 

what is known as 

Dissociative Identity Disorder.

The mind manipulation 

that I endured afterwards, 

the hypnotic language, 

the neurolinguistic programming ..

They actually changed 

the way that my brain 

was functioning. 

They changed that 

so that ‘they’ decided 

when, where, and how 

that particular compartment 

of my brain 

would be open 

to be accessed. 

And they replaced 

the triggering mechanism 

with hypnotic codes, 

keys and triggers, hand signals .. 

there’s also phone tones 

can open those neural pathways 

and give access to the 

compartmentalized memory 

as well.” 

~ Cathy O’Brien


One Hour w/Cathy O’Brien

Above is a link. Click it.



Above is a link. Click it.

Humanity must wake up to this.

You don’t know what to get out of,

if you don’t know what you are in.


Break the Spell



I love the research of Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Being a TBI survivor, what Joe says resonates deeply.

The Sanctuary of Sedona,

is a flower in the desert.

Personal friends.


Breathing is an addictional program too.

A Good Thing!

It is simply a code into our system that is automatic,

so one continues to do so,



We humans are simply

light informational coding in form,

and can be re-programmed,

by our environments.


Change your mind,

Change your environment,

Change your world.


We are collectively


removing the weeds

in the garden of life,

in order to



One thought

One heartfelt knowing

One moment

at a time.


It is happening before our very eyes.


The World Unfolding,

to places Unknown.


I know which way I AM going.

NO COMPLIANCE to absurdity.



Oh my friends

the memories.

So much pain,

so much love.

Truth is so freeing.

Life is very much

a personal journey.



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Precarious Times to Balance

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on July 02, 2022
“Never get used to 2020,
and never lose your humanity.”
~ plr 2020


“May we learn to live without regrets.
To live with Peace in Understandings.
To behave in rightful manners.
To look in the mirror and reflect.
To see ourselves as we are,
Growing, dissolving,
accepting, re-emerging,
As fully potent~eyes’d
real~ eyes’d beings.
To admit face to face
where we went off balance.
To see that the journey was …
I AM that I AM.”
~ plr 2010


“Freedom is letting go.
Releasing thoughts
that are inhibiting.
One cannot fly,
with excess
~ plr


“Our existence in ‘form’ of matter,
is merely ‘living art’ by thought”.
~ plr 2010


The next quantum leap
in understanding,
is what dominates
the animation of the art?
The Mind or the Heart?
Paint Life Pretty
Sing Life a Beautiful Song



“Our greatest discoveries,
will not be found in ‘outer space’,
they will be real-eyes’d in ‘inner space’.”
~ plr  2010


“We are swimming in a vast Ocean,
and are but in it,
for a moment.”
~ plr 


“In order to lessen the pains of growth,
some traditions must be broken.”
~ plr  2010


No Fear

Above is a link. Click it.


Manufactured Enemy

Above is a link. Click it.


Somebody Had to Say It!

Above is a link. Click it.



Not on my watch! 

Above is a link. Click it.


Do Not Comply

Above is a link. Click it.

“People and certain governments are awakening to the fact that a group of globalists are working against them on every level, and they are starting to fight back.  We do not want to be ruled by a centralized power telling us what to do or how to think.  The concept of the Great Reset has failed in many ways, but there is still work to do.

Never give up, never allow a group of influential globalists whether they are billionaires or bankers, government bureaucrats or special interest groups, resist this ideology of a unipolar world order.  We can win this war, there is still time, I believe that we will prevail if we just don’t comply with their goal of them trying to control us, [what they deem as] the useless people. ”


“I care not what you wear,

I care what is in your nature.



Care to Venture the endless journey:
Rest of My Life
The Shift is Within and Listening
Walk On
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