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Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on September 28, 2009

I feel all of nature is crying out. It is time to pay attention to the messages.
Do humans think they are the only ones who communicate?

These messages will seem very unfamiliar, of course, because the chasm between
What you ‘think’ is real
What you have been brought up to ‘believe’
What your emotional body has been programmed to see

And the truth of your so-called reality?
Is very different.

It is important to free your mind, remove fear and follow your heart.
Trust that which is ‘within’. You will know it.
And remember … you are never alone.

Whale Song

Nothing in the world is more softer than water.
Yet, it wears down the hard and strong and none can overcome it.
That which is yielding conquers the strong
And the soft overcomes that which is hard.
Everyone knows this but none dares to live by it.

People can hurl abuse quickly
Yet have forgotten how a kind word turns away rage.
May this world become more kind.

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