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“Everyone has Oceans to fly, If they have the heart to do it.
Is it Reckless? Maybe.
But what do dreams know of boundaries?”
~ Amelia Earhart


I share others works and creations on my page because I value what they have to say. I relate to their art, their philosophies, visions, and expertise, that I have yet to acquire. Technology is advancing faster than the speed of sound and light. Therefore, why waste time when a message can be collaborated and shared here between artists born and yet to be born, on the canvas of our ever evolving fractal world.

If we are all one and connected, then I love the dancer in thee, that is in me, I love the nature enthusiast in thee, in me, I love the painter, poet, writer, musician, gardener, alchemist, astronomer, archeologist, mathematician, physicist, biologist, elementalist, photographer, filmmaker, animal lover, astrologer, lighting expert, holographic explorer, and everything in between that leads us all on the journey towards a collective unity of peaceful living.

Sometimes I’m the Director, Producer, Writer, Cinemetographer, DP, Editor, lighting director, and all that happens in creation, as I participate, and/or become part of the audience connecting with something I agree with on the screen. Thank you all for this magnificent journey. Humbled and appreciated you are in my heart.

“It is necessary to create a tension in the Mind,
so individuals could rise from the bondage of myths and half-truths,
to the unfettered realm of creative analysis and objective appraisal.”
~ Socrates

“I would trade all of my technology for an afternoon with Socrates.”
~ Steve Jobs

“What strategic thinking requires is the ability to contemplate possibilities,
not immediately present.”
~ Terrence McKenna

“The past occupies the future in informative information so it is like a self fulfilling prediction is what a fractal is. It predicts by virtue of its past states. They define what its future states will be. Exactly in the same way that I imagine the morphogenetic field defines what future states will be. The fractals that have been talked about to date have been used to describe spatial phenomena. Coastlines, molecular arrangements, the distribution of flowers in a meadow, this sort of thing. But if instead you thought of fractals as descriptors for the temporal dimension, replace the notion of a flat or slightly curved manifold, with an actual fractal surface over which events were flowing, and flowing over patterns, which were repeating themselves at many, many levels in resonance with previous similar patterns. Then you would begin to have a mathematical picture of how the morphogenetic field would work, and you would also have found a phenomenon in nature upon which to hang it. By saying ‘time’ is obviously it. It’s just that we are so engrained by Newtonionism to accept time as an abstraction. As something not having equal status in the other three dimensions, that we’ve overlooked this fact. And yet that is obviously the carrier wave. That’s why you would speak of the presence of the past, what then can it be but time. Past time in the present.” ~ Terrene McKenna

Resonance Science Academy

“Peace is Eye~see”
~ plr

“Words have meaning in truth, of course.
However, if stated without heart and mind united,
they might falter like driftwood on the seas of possibilities allowing intervention.
Be sured, steadfast in knowing, confident in the journeying,
no matter what may lie along the path of tither and frowing.
The sailing to get there will be done,
no matter what the waters waves attempting to thwart the destiny.”
~ plr

“Seek to be alone much to commune with Nature,
and be thus inspired by her mighty whisperings within your consciousness.
Nature is a most jealous god,
for she will not whisper her inspiring revelations to you,
unless you are absolutely alone with her.”
~ Walter Russell

“May we together,
create a world of beautiful feelings ever lasting.”
~ plr

“I have a romance with reality and truth.”
~ Dr. John Henrik Clarke

“May love turn away rage, may truth turn away hate.”
~ plr

“In this infinite sea of potentials,
how come we keep recreating the same realities?”
~ Dr. Joe Dispenza

The past is bound to be repeated unless we learn from it.
May we all in like kind unite, unbounded.
May it be so, may it be so, may it be so.
Thrice is nice, ignite the light.

Peace of mind is the way to build a relationship with life.
The point is, be unafraid to change current directions.
It can never be too late to understand.
It can never be too late to participate in Peace.
One must have discernments with ease.
Integrity within the human institution called consciousness,
operates with deeply rooted truths non-negotiable.

“There is always growth in comforting realities.”
~ plr

“Unjust laws exist;
shall we be content to obey them,
or shall we endeavor to amend them,
and obey them until we have succeeded,
or shall we transgress them at once?”
~ Henry David Thoreau

I feel our timeless creation’s histories, have been recorded quite wrongly.
All life, is energy, tone, intention, harmonics, frequency, vibration, and light.
All life, is electrical, magnetic, and then some.
I value life in birth, and transformations,
through peaceful journeys in entirety.
I respect life for its loving, kind understandings,
and compassionate coherency above all else.

“Never be afraid of the shape,
simply be aware of the intent within it.”
~ plr 2010

“Well its been a short talk tonight but I’m scratching the surface,
of something that would take a lot of talks and lectures to give you …
I do this because I want those who can understand, and have the capacity to understand,
to look into these things in a much deeper level,
because the way its going today we are being turned into forms of machines,
that’s how we’re viewed of course, predictable machines …
has planned for us all is inhumane …
it’s not a natural development or progression.”
~ Alan Watt

“When everything speeds up,
slow down and view with clarity,
then make a conscious move.”
~ plr

“I think one can do a lot – both:
Focused towards oneself and towards the world as such.
Being a part of the solution, not of the problem,
by becoming more and more a part of a complete order.
Trying to set an example – balanced and conscious.
Becoming a sensitive observer of your own life.
The longing for a life without time ~ in time.”
Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

“Sharing is not immoral, it is certainly a moral imperative.”
~ plr

“They have taught me that the objective world in space and time does not exist
And that we are forced to deal now not in facts, but in possibilities.
Breaking the rules doesn’t worry me anymore
Now that I can see that only one principle really matters.
And that is rightness.
If it feels good, if it seems appropriate and meaningful,
Then it doesn’t matter how absurd it is
In the light of the established explanation of how things work.
Establishments are no longer as stable as they used to be.
They are having to make way for another kind of knowing
Which is concerned only with harmony, with keeping in touch with Earth’s tune.
Lyall Watson – “Gifts of Unknown Things”


This is 1 hour, 10 minutes, and 58 seconds, of two humans ‘being’, speaking some real truths.

Simple Reminders, Hoisting the Freedom Fighters

Excerpts from this beautiful transmission:

“And getting off of society’s theme ride of scripts and narratives,
and daring to write your own narrative …
even if you have to play along a little bit, okay?
You have to play along a little bit.
I knew a long time ago that I did not want to have to –
throw rocks at it from the outside, nope.
Nobody listens to the rock throwers guys …
And it’s probably a very good thing.
I think it’s better to figure out a way to get in voluntarily,
have them invite you in, and sit down at the table of conversation…
instead of throwing rocks.”

“It is amazing what you can do in ten years,
but not if you’ve been scattered by the system.
Run down, beat down, and distracted.
Your time used up every day listening to gossip, listening to the entertainment,
listening to the so-called news, staying [confined] in your bridal [blinders] …
You know what you are going to do?
You are going to be remade into the image and likeness of your popular cultural creator.
They know what they can do in ten years, believe me.
They know exactly what they can do to you in ten years,
and that is exactly what they are doing.
They are going to take you and your time and your eyeballs,
and they are going to re-make you exactly the way they want you.
Pour you right into the mold,
and cast you right into exactly the way they want you.
They know how to do it in ten years.
Why don’t you take that ten years, and do something for you instead.”

“And troublemakers seem to find each other which is a good thing,
which is why I suspect we have found you, and you have found us.
And that’s why we love you, and that’s why some of you love us.
You are going to take down that white flag now,
and you are going to begin to raise your black flag, join us.
And we are going to be the right kind of trouble guys,
the right kind of trouble, with the big picture in mind.”
~ Bryant and Jenni McGill

“There is nothing more spiritual than freedom,
and it is very spiritual to violate old beliefs for new values.”
~ Bryant McGill


“It seems everything in life ‘lives’ because of sound,
beginning with a tune wavering in the ‘bliss of mellow’ working it out,
Awaiting its arrival for eternity’s yet unheard song to be heard,
a song delivered causing creation from something unknown.
Animals will know purely … beyond definition in the language of man.
No need to prepare for it, for is already happening within,
the silence is deafening, the peace we are is undefinable,
and the outcome is ours to decide.”
~ plr 2010 OceanHeart

“Maybe you are searching among the branches,
for what only appears in the roots.”
~ Rumi

“Arise! Awake! and stop not until the goal is reached.”
~ Swami Vivekananda

“Eleutheria Allegoria Holographicticious”
By: Seth McMahon, Jonathon Solter, Gabriel Welch, E Howard & Luke Brown
Shared with love from a dear friend, Silvia Polivoy, Ph.D
Creator of Spirit Vine Retreats

“The spine and the brain are the altars of God [Life force].
That is where the electricity of God flows down into the nervous system into the world,
and the searchlights of your senses are turned outwards.
But when you reverse the searchlights through (Kriya) yoga,
and be concentrated in the spine, you will behold the Maker.”
~ Paramahansa Yogananda

“Ninety percent of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain,
is generated by the movement of the spine.”
~ Dr. Roger Sperry 1981 Nobel Prize winner for brain research.

“If you treat someone as though they will recover,
they will recover more than if you treat them,
as though they will not recover.”
~ Jill Bolte Taylor

“The pervasive influence of bias in our lives is largely ignored or defended, at greater cost than we can afford to sustain. We need to completely revise the way we function, by actively applying adaptive perspectives that allow us to constantly recalibrate ourselves within the subtle dynamics of every moment we are confronted with. This fluid awareness will assist in illuminating the areas of our life that are not being noticed, so we can observe within our emptiness what is truly manifesting around us.” ~ Naomi Jean

“The essence of void consciousness cannot be located via our prejudice, for as we covert light through the bias of our perception we lose contact with the true source of our spirituality. This is the major issue that we are contending with, and the most jealously guarded secret that does not want to be discovered.

The engineered consciousness we have arrived upon via the states of awareness that we are confronted with within this three-dimensional illusion seems so substantially concrete within the exquisite complexity delivered. Our unwavering devotion to this continuous interaction creates a gravitational eddy that can be difficult to escape.

We are simultaneously subject, at this present time more than ever, to external influences that understand the applications of resonance focused upon our bioelectromagnetic field. This invisible interaction is only possible because we are all empathically inclined.

Our internal process of fractal osmosis automatically accommodates the entrance of light into the toroidal field of our DNA matrix, which switches genes on and off in response to frequential infiltration.

In most cases we have difficulty identifying the source point of these alterations for their application is automatically cloaked, beyond sensorial recognition by our ears and eyes. Yet, nevertheless, we are adjusted incrementally via the fact that our body naturally recalibrates itself to unseen and inaudible frequencies, with profound effect that we are only peripherally aware of.”
~ Lujan Matus

“Dancing with self discovery.
You get burned, you get enlightened?
Life should be self-sustaining, unhinged as a freely living entity without suffering.
Suffering is not necessary in order for life to live.
Whatever created the idea that we must go through some fire for enlightenment,
I say fire the architect/engineer making up the equation in this matter.”
~ plr

“When you realize the value of all life,
you dwell less on what is past,
and concentrate more on the preservation of the future.”
~ Dian Fossey

I wish to offer a page for your perusals.
Here is a dear friend, Mr Bill Donahue. His story is … well, you just have to read it.
His videos have risen to almost six million views!
Check him out to see why, and please enjoy.

“Human life does not fulfill its promise,
within the structures and establishments of society.
Noone comes to true self-hood by being what society wants you to be,
nor by doing what society wants you to do.”
~ Gnostics

“May we all blossom towards our ultimate nature.”

The [human] ‘Experience‘ has not become widespread because there is no infrastructure. Neither physical infrastructure, nor human infrastructure. For example this country 150 years ago they tell me over 95% of the people were illiterate. Today 100% literacy. How does it happen? Because somebody built the schoolrooms, somebody trained the teachers.

That infrastructure for ‘inner experience‘ has been wiped out in the last few centuries. So how do you expect it to happen? One guy talking here, one guy talking there is not going to make it happen. What should be a part of our life from the day we start, because the nature of human intelligence is such. That if you don’t mess it up with belief systems, every human being will find it. Too many concepts, too many ideas, too many belief systems … human intelligence is corrupt from the beginning. If you do not corrupt human intelligence, just leave it. Every human being is capable of knowing this. It is not some superhuman thing. The most important thing to remember is this yoga, this spiritual process is not about becoming superhuman, it is about knowing that being human itself is super.”

“It is nice to transcend your logic, but it is stupid to give up your logic.”

“After making a living you don’t know why the hell you are living.”
~ Sadhguru


“One cannot ‘see’ if one has a belief that is so rigid it blocks one from seeing.”
~ plr

“I so greatly appreciate today more than ever,
the knowing that Time was and is, irrelevant to the moment,
and that always is forever fleeting.”
~ plr

“Energy is a living entity naturally,
and should have no second or third party controlling its availability for profit.”

Enter this equation into the algorithm of life for the good of the whole.

“It is not about the messenger, it is what is being stated.
And I feel we make it up as we go along, someone else did.”

“It is not I that must clothe my body, it is you that must clean your mind.”
~plr 2007

Just a few words in the endless ponderings of a wandering mind …
“Sitting like a seashell on the sandy beaches of somewhere.
Going to places spiraling to elsewhere.
Don’t even think about it.
Simply meet me in the middle of forever.”
~ plr

“If speaking your truth means leaving it upon your last breath, then so be it.”

“I have an oath to one thing, and one thing only.
To the unbounded nature of life,
before all thought was born.”


Quotes and writings: Pamela Leigh Richards, ‘plr’, unless otherwise stated. 1960-infinity.
Images: Noted or unknown at this time with all due respect.
Love Yourself First
Trees, Forests, & the Human Brain, what they have in common.
Natures Internet – Powerful Ted Talk with Suzanne Simard
Viktor Schauberger – A Deep Understanding of Water being a Sacred organism.
Breakthrough … decoding immune system’s neural signals.
Braden, Dispensa, & Lipton 2017
Covert Passive-Aggressive Narcissist

Calming Attitudes

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on March 06, 2017


The Geomic Code
I was asked if one of my quotes could be used in a book to be published?
So grateful and humbled.
I’ve now received a copy and shall be reading it,
for the content is highly appealing.
What a magnificent ride on the spiraling wheel of life.

“And yes, one of my own two books have been in the making for a long time.
Patience in learning has been this ladies guiding light.
I get to some nodal point in time where I float to take breath,
then dance out to sing a song of what I feel is relevant.
Planting seeds of experience.
That’s the idea.”

As I began to read it, I realized my quote was placed in Chapter 3, Part 3 “Reality of Being”.
How incredibly synchronistic, as the number 3 is my birth day.
And the point of this section is all about the science and method of understanding the self,
connecting to the world around us.
Excerpt: “shape-bend yourself because that gives you a greater advantage,
in a particular situation.

“Love equals respect that is so powerful it erases all hate.”

“If I don’t show up, and it’s for a worthy cause?
My heart is always there and everywhere with no pressure.”

“Paint from the palette of many colours,
to the canvas of Earth bringing it to light,
singing tones of peaceful sights.”

“Balance is what gets me through.”

“Let the leaf be a leaf, no harm in growing here.
Water the gifts that life can bring forth
in collective harmonious concords.
From a reflecting insightful seed.
Man and machine might be,
In perfect accord,
for the good of the whole,
Once met in threes and sixty fours.”
~ plr 2011

“I could disappear so blissfully,
like a droplet of water falling from a leaf,
onto the surface of the Earth,
merging into the waverlings.
lovingly in tune with my mutually attracted bare feet.”
~ plr 2017

“Good conversation and inspiration,
breaks us free from borders and boundaries into all possibilities.
Erasing past things that simply just do not belong in the here,
and NOW = the Nth power Of Wow.
For Peaceful easy living IS = Infinite Source,
our collective necessity NOW,
for the mind contributing its learning self into coherency.”
~ plr 2017

“I have no story, yet but many.
Patience please for I’m just beginning,
to sail with thee.”

Dedication To My Father

“I AM seeing many things unfolding and validating,
what I’ve known or experienced all along.
Thank you so much. Nice to know we are not alone.
In Peace and love from a higher perspective.”

“There is Peace in not knowing.”

“Simply because you do not make the Top 100,
has no bearing upon your forever singing,
your song unhindered by any outdated number.”

“Can you imagine being in a room,
with other beings conversing calmly without speaking?
The communication is so serene, untroubling, tranquil, and relaxed.
This environment is what life would call ~
Coherent conversation without thinking.”

“Thank you. I dance with the refinement of living.”
“Love leaves no trail of despair.”
“The universe detests deception.”

“The fun never ends.
Who’s having all the fun?
I AM, wherever ONE resides.
Peace and Co~hear~and~see,
Infinite Source, the IS,
is in the ONE choice,
that decides what to believe.

“When all life comes from ONE source,
then it stands to reason,
everything we see,
is a co~created choice reflecting.”

“Believe in your’self’ first and foremost,
as your own immaculate Mother.
For in order to create the dream you believe …
in order to birth anew beginning?
One cannot come without the other.”

“If we are all connected and one?
Figuring life out should not entail,
reverse engineering.”

“The way I ‘see’ is faster than the way I learn.”

“Secrets corrode solution oriented outcomes.”

“I AM when I do not think, I AM when I do think with love.”
~ plr

“I’m simply a wave travelling through space.”

“Retreating is not giving up.
It’s rather being a wise one not willing to participate.”

“A novel is like a violin bow;
the box which gives off the sounds is the soul of the reader.”
~ Stendhal, ‘Life of Henri Brulard’
From an unfinished autobiography by Stendhal published in 1890.

“What is the difference between one mind thinking and mine not,
along the same lines of all possibility? Peace.”

“Sometimes being absent makes the whole world coherent.”

May we begin with Peace, and see how much more peaceful we can be.
Stilling the mind is an existence of calming reality.
Love hate out of its own self into Peace.

“Clean Earth, Clean Water, Clean Air, Clean Skies,
changing hearts and minds one at a time.”

Life is naturally simple.

“The game of life is love and hate.
Fixed emotions to one side or another.
When all is said and done, only calm remains.”

The Feedback Loop ~
“When something bad happens to you, love yourself more,
and may that be a reflecting image towards the issue.”

It is interesting when Matt talks about concern and care?
I wrote in 2010 after having my left brain squashed:
“I care so much I must walk away.”

“…and we have to anchor the feminine as passionately as people are outwardly expressing their rage confusion and frustration. The biggest dilemma on the spiritual landscape of this world right now, is that loving beings don’t love as ferociously as dark beings hate and hurt. And when you start loving as passionately as people are interested in hating and hurting, you will start living in a different world. I live in a different world and I’m inviting you to move yourself in.”

“What you feel in your body is what you are clearing out of the planet. And when you feel a positive emotion, it is what your vibration is bringing forward into the planet. Negative is what you are clearing out, positive is what you are bringing in. That’s the energy game.”

“ Put a butterfly in a jar with a twig to make them feel like they are home. A cubicle with a twig?”
“I’m not having a good day. Well, may you be blessed with a better one.”

“Stop living the outside world, and live the collective unnamed dream.”
~ plr

“Unreasonable. Life is like piloting a craft without formal training and instructions.
Life should be born with everything necessary to live coherently in peace forever, period.” ~ plr

“The two directions of thinking are the outward direction toward your material equipment which gives you your resources. And then the inward direction toward your mental equipment which gives you your resourcefulness. Mediocrity is due to thinking only in one direction. Materialists think only in the outwardly direction towards material. And Impractical dreamers think only inward toward the seat of imagination. While the creative genius thinks in both directions and balances his thought before he acts with the wisdom obtained from his two directional thinking.” ~ Walter Russell

“When I was doing my advanced training about 12 years ago there were six of us communicators at a wildlife ranch in Texas that was filled with African animals, very strange, and there was a whole herd of Impala. And we were all asked to, separately, go in different directions and to ask different individual Impala exactly the same questions about herd life. About decisions they made about the herd collective. I’ll always remember one answer. The question was ‘what do you do when you get stressed?’ So, there’s six communicators asking six different Impala “What do you do when you get stressed?” And all of us got exactly the same answer which was: ‘Just eat grass.’ And they weren’t talking about marijuana … they essentially said just get back to basics. So there’s a beautiful pulse of wisdom going through a collective, and the individuals know who they are as well.”
Anna was talking about nature and suggested this: “Go out into the garden and simply ask them, ‘what is it like to see through your eyes?’ And I guarantee you, you will have the most amazing experience of this mosaic vision and jigsaw puzzle-like experience. Yes, animals that live together in flocks or swarms or hives or herds for that matter, they are themselves individuals and aware of what they are doing, and how they are feeling and also their collective identity. No superiority over another. THE SUNFLOWER: “It was in that exact workshop I noticed a Sunflower that was buzzing with so many bees around it, and in my human~ness, I expected that that Sunflower, if it had feelings, might feel a little bit bothered by so many bees landing on it all at once? That was my projection. And I went into the state of stillness, intended to connect with the Sunflower, and I asked the Sunflower, ‘How do you experience the bees?’ And the most beautiful answer came … my mind interpreted it into the words: ‘The bees kiss me with their awareness.’
And that’s how the Sunflower experienced bees.”

I saw Andreas Vollenweider performing in an outdoor concert at dusk some time ago, somewhere surrounding Phoenix. But what does it matter now? It happened. What I remember is I sat on a beautiful rolling grassy hill swaying with those moments passing by in love with every touch of the harp strings singing on stage, the orchestra in tune, without even thinking about it until now in sharing. Please enjoy the view as you please, amongst an imaginary evening shared with nature and many kind beings. Almost as if reading a book on a boat ride along the nile, without ever having to turn a page, melting into the never ending beautiful story from long before ever written.

“And let no character in your play ever intimidate you again,
whether you make a strong decision in your life,
that makes other egos feel as if they are losing control,
of the objects that define them.” ~ Matt Kahn

Let it be known that when I fly from this place?
My epitaph will read: “She just got out early for good behavior.”

“The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe.
If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened.
But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.”
~ Friedrich Nietzsche

“Clear thinking requires not intelligence, but courage.”
~ Thomas Szasz

“Seeing is how we perceive. Science by nature is a paradox.
The goal is to balance our outer sight with inner sight.
Nucleate our own opposites. That’s how we solve this paradox.”
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“When you experience the feeling of bliss,
purely by the enjoyment of watching a blade of grass grow,
oblivious to everything else,
it never leaves your innate knowing,
that life is meant to be naturally coherent.”

~ plr

If my perspective in life, a nodal point in time,
is critical to the outcome of flow without interference,
for the good of the whole coherently?
Then I choose to flow with the know of this;
“Peace has no enemy and love knows nothing else.”
~ plr

“The Ballet of a Leaf. How much more can I learn when I am comfortable where I am, forever growing in peaceful harmony like a leaf on a tree? I choose not to grow on a branch of conflict for it is simply unnecessary for this leaf to believe anything else. I Injoy the breeze causing movement for me. I Injoy the sun shining its light upon my stately being of structure. I Injoy the birds perched on the branch singing next to me.I Injoy hearing the waters flowing beneath. I Injoy the path below that carries many others walking, dancing and prancing in connection with me silently. I Injoy it when I feel the experience of swaying gently to the ground in free flight knowing that my leaf lives on in another leaf growing as I pass my life ON in peaceful song.” ~ plr

“May all memories leave everyONE with a thank you.
Never should living and dying EVER be met with any form of suffering.” ~ plr

“Sometimes you have to follow your heart and not wait for knowledge.”
~ plr 2011

“The power of love is constantly breaking down the experience of hate,
through increasing consciousness and awareness.”
~ Adam Apollo

“If I could just spend time painting the life of my mind,
oh what a display on the canvas that would be,
portraying the harmony of the unseen seen.”
~ plr 2010

“I’m simply a traveler walking through the forest of nature,
bewildered at what entered and interrupted the free flow of the ocean,
dancing along the rocks in a river,
with waves recognizing each other without conflict.”
~ plr 2010

“What greater teacher, than the one who teaches,
that the teacher and student are on the right path together.”
~ plr 2010

“I have respect for one who is trained in any field,
that brings balance into fair play,
for the good of the whole.”

“It’s not about giving up,
it’s about knowing when to let go,
with no regrets.”

“How much more do we need to know, to perpetuate peace.”

“If what you truly love, truly loves you,
set it free, and it will always return,
for LOVE never leaves.” ~ plr
Walk On

Now to continue the journey together….
My whole family is gone, yet, my younger brother Robert, my mother, and now father,
have all come to me in spirit very profoundly over time.
There is life after last breath.

“The world is my family, life is my partner, and Peace is my focus.”
~ plr 2007

UPDATE on her BOOK forthcoming

“When you realize life is one big experiment?
You become the observer of yourself.”
~ plr

“You are not a drop in the Ocean. You are the entire Ocean in a drop.”
~ Rumi
I love Rumi! With all due respect may I add:
“You are the entire Ocean in a drop, without hate, fear, cancer or disease, simply a drop pristinely pure and clean, flowing to see how much more loving, living can be.” ~ plr

“It is now highly feasible to take care of everybody on Earth at a higher standard of living than any have ever known. It no longer has to be you or me. Selfishness is unnecessary. War is obsolete. It is a matter of converting high technology from weaponry to livingry.” ~ Buckminster Fuller

No more secrecy.
Peace is Easy.

“When we let the student free,
is when we become a wise teacher,
guiding the path of astralterra coherencey.”
~ plr

“In order to make that leap,
into new beautiful coherent realities?
We must let go of pretty much,
all we have been taught to believe.”
~ plr

“When you don’t want anything,
then the best of you arrives.”
~ Lujan Matus

“Sailing through awe-struck to clarity.
The signs I’m receiving are so gentle,
like a nudge in between a pause for breath.”
~ plr

Discipline happens with ONE main ingredient … Passion.”
~ plr

Powerful benevolent attention with Compassion.
Om Mani Padma Hum.

The mantra originated in India; as it moved from India into Tibet,

the pronunciation changed,

because some of the sounds in the Indian Sanskrit language,

were hard for Tibetans to pronounce.

An old story speaks about a similar problem.

A devoted meditator,

after years concentrating on a particular mantra,

had attained enough insight to begin teaching.

The student’s humility was far from perfect,

but the teachers at the monastery were not worried.

A few years of successful teaching left the meditator

with no thoughts about learning from anyone;

but upon hearing about a famous hermit living nearby,

the opportunity was too exciting to be passed up.

The hermit lived alone on an island at the middle of a lake,

so the meditator hired a man with a boat,

to row across to the island.

The meditator was very respectful of the old hermit.

As they shared some tea made with herbs,

the meditator asked him about his spiritual practice.

The old man said he had no spiritual practice,

except for a mantra which he repeated all the time to himself.

The meditator was pleased:

the hermit was using the same mantra he used himself —

but when the hermit spoke the mantra aloud,

the meditator was horrified!

“What’s wrong?” asked the hermit.

“I don’t know what to say.

I’m afraid you’ve wasted your whole life!

You are pronouncing the mantra incorrectly!”

“Oh, Dear! That is terrible. How should I say it?”

The meditator gave the correct pronunciation,

and the old hermit was very grateful,

asking to be left alone so he could get started right away.

On the way back across the lake the meditator,

now confirmed as an accomplished teacher,

was pondering the sad fate of the hermit.

“It’s so fortunate that I came along.

At least he will have a little time,

to practice correctly before he dies.

Just then,

the meditator noticed,

that the boatman was looking quite shocked,

and turned to see the hermit,

standing respectfully on the water next to the boat.

“Excuse me please he said;

I hate to bother you,

but I’ve forgotten the correct pronunciation again,

Would you please repeat it for me?”

“You obviously don’t need it,” stammered the meditator;

but the old man persisted in his polite request

until the meditator relented and told him again

the way he thought the mantra should be pronounced.

The old hermit was saying the mantra very carefully slowly,

over and over, as he walked across the surface of the water,

back to the island.”

This “Episode 2” is filled with 7:31 minutes of … breathtaking beauty, filming, editing, and scoring.
A living painting of a life view come alive.
Candice surely knew how to fly his waterbodyvesselvehicle ship.

I recently discovered Candide Thovex, a world class skier.
I was going to be a professional freestyle skier once 🙂
If you wish to view and love his extraordinary story of passion, as I did?
You can’t cage a free bird. The way Candide sails through the air space,
dancing with everything beneath his ski’s with grace and ease. Wow!

Check into 59 minutes of … Inspiration: “‘FEW WORDS‘ an award winning documentary that retraces the life story of the most accomplished skier in the world Candide Thovex. This film gives us an insight into the legend behind the goggles and takes us to the most beautiful mountains on the planet.”

“Spirit is not a mystic concept. The spirit of a person is manifest in her aliveness, brightness of his eyes, in the resonance of her voice and in the ease and gracefulness of his movements. These qualities are related to and stem from a high level of energy in the body… Sensing the harmony between the internal pulsation of our body and that in the universe, we feel identified with the universal, with God. We are like tuning forks vibrating at the same pitch”
~ Alexander Lowen

“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain. ”
~ Joseph Campbell

“People often think of the Universe as a machine, a dead device entropically destroying itself over time; this is really just the lingering of Descartes’ philosophy. The Universe is alive, formed from a quantum light lattice that interconnects all things, informing the evolution and development of living organisms, planetary systems, and galactic structures through feedback.” ~ Adam Apollo

It has been written and with humbled heart shall add:
“When the student is ready the teacher will appear.
Well, when sometimes the teacher is ready,
the student will appear.”
~ plr

“One has to operate inside the body,
in order to assimilate accepted possibility outside.”

All quotes and writings: Pamela Leigh Richards 1960 to infinity, unless otherwise stated.
Images: unknown unless stated with respect.
Image: Celestial Blessing by Kagaya
Image: Collage of 3 images as one.
Top 1/3 of girl and Sunflower is owned by plr bought from
Middle 2/3 screen shot from film “Samadhi
Bottom 3/3 unknown
Image: pamela in sun magic garden, screen shot from her films.
Image: With great respect to Son with Duck Elena Shumilova
Image: Pamela silhouette photo by Bill Mortimer
Image: Leaves afoot, pamela leigh richards
Image: Linx Pamela quote 2010
So Grateful to the authors and publishers: The Geomic Code

An interview with Nikola Tesla
Living the Love of It
Cymatics and sound
Good things Come in 3’s and 4’s
It’s the little things in life that say so much.
Time out of Time
A Bird in Hand ~ Timing is everything.

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“To keep our faces toward change,
and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate,
is strength undefeatable.”
~ Helen Keller

Quote If you stumble

“When I stop seeking, reality checks in.”

“If you change the rules on what controls you,
you will change the rules on what you can control.
How radical are you prepared to be?
~ Revolver the movie

“Do not wait until a loved one dies,
before saying I see you now for who I am.
And may we meet someday,
in the middle of forever in all kind ways.”

JPL Nasa Nebula R.Sahai and J. Trauger

“You do not have to fall many times,
in order to rise above a so-called Master,
seeing eye to eye.”

“Life is what you make believe.”
Believe Peace.


“The more clearly you understand yourself and your emotions,
the more you become a lover of what is.”
~ Baruch Spinoza

“You can’t hurt me you can only improve me.”


Love Is Naked and Undefined.

“Love calls a spade a spade
Love embraces
Love dances with the falling rain.
Love flies with the winged ones
Love flies with forms of all kinds.
Love skips in the meadows
Love streaks across skies as lightning
Love trickles with the river
Love rolls over rocks
Love twinkles in the stars eyes.
Love is naked and undefined.”

written by pamela leigh richards 2014

“We live, we learn, we love, we grieve,
we see, we are blind, we open our eyes,
we know what to believe.”

“Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.
~ Mahatma Gandhi


“May the Master be born to live without any form of failure,
and be nurtured on the knowing of just how far ONE can grow.”


quotes: pamela leigh richards copyright 1960-today, unless otherwise stated.
images: unknown unless stated with appreciation
image: An hourglass planetary Nebula
Video: The Song of the Butterfly. Great Improvisation.
Music made in collaboration with: Istvan Sky, Estas Tonne, Pablo Arellano, and Indre Kuliesiute.
Video: The Nature of Mind Part 1 JC Teft a beautiful friend.

Care to travel:
OceanHeart ~ my baby yet to be born.
Dolphins in the Red Sea

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Make it up

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on August 06, 2014

kagaya_the-universe-207x300The Phoenix Pamela quotekagaya_the-universe-207x300
“If I said nothing. Would you still hear me?”

“Don’t blame. I did not make it up.”

“Stop looking in order to see.”

“I don’t need to say much else do I?
You can add all the entitlements as one pleases does not bother me.”

“If you can’t laugh? Please do not stop me from doing so either.
From an unavoidable choice between alternatives.”

Roger that and good to go on my own with other clear minds.
Clear, clear, clear, is the way beyond sight.

“How can I see thou in order to decide,
if thou is hiding something?”

Avatar Pamela screen shot

“Allow the moments to happen sometimes.
In order to cross the lines of divide.”


Laughing is … well, it just is.
When I came out of my fall? So close to nature I was.
Leaving all else behind. Nothing mattered in mind.
All the schooling gone. The chatter did not matter.
I learned not from any book, nor any thought my way.
I learned more from not having the need to learn anything.

“If you give? Give without a guilt trip.”

“Life is not who YOU are. It is who I AM.”

“Silence is the golden teacher that does not need to be heard.”

“A guru becomes because the title behaves significantly different.”

“I am not here to answer your questions. I am here to help you stop asking them.”

Continue asking and continue laughing.
Tis’ an obligation of appropriate measures to bring forth a polite notice.

Pamela Sunset Rising

“Great as are the past achievements, the future holds out more glorious promise. We are getting an insight into the essence of things; our means and methods are being refined, a new and specialized race is developing with knowledge deep and precise, with greater powers and keener perceptions. Mysterious as ever before, nature yields her precious secrets more readily and the spirit of man asserts its mastery over the physical universe. The day is not distant when the very planet which gave him birth will tremble at the sound of his voice; he will make the sun his slave, harness the inexhaustible and terribly intense energy of microcosmic movement; cause atoms to combine in predetermined forms; he will draw the mighty ocean from its bed, transport it through the air and create lakes and rivers at will; he will command the wild elements; he will push on and on from great to greater deeds until with his intelligence and force he will reach out to spheres beyond the terrestrial.” ~ Nikola Tesla

Lady butterfly meadow edit
YKWIAM (ya~quee~um).
An acronym I made up a while ago = You. Know. Where. I. AM.

Pamela quote legend new beginnings

I wrote this once upon a journey. It just happens.

Pamela quote life feather airport vortex2

Pamela quote Life in loving peace whale tale

dog snow puzzled look

“Do you think I could inquire upon life itself for causing a disturbance in my direction?”

“I can’t type as fast as I do not know.”

Whales Sun Ocean Pamela Quote

“Be content with the moment of not trying to figure it out.”

Whale Human Hand Reaching Pamela quote

Pamela quote girl drawing line in sand

Pamelas White Rose Quote enhanced

Je te souhaite la réalisation de tes rêves! (I wish you the realization of your dreams)

“When you leave desire, true love falls into place.”

“It is okay. We tend to talk along the way.”


Quotes & Comments: Pamela Leigh Richards otherwise kindly noted.
“OceanHeart” her book. A coming artistic endeavor.
“Her book of Knowing” ~ working title for the other ONE.
The Gift of a Fall
“I cannot speak accompanying the vastness of existence,
unless we can meet somewhere in the middle of it all,
leaving trash of mind behind.”

Images: unknown unless stated, thank you.
Image: The Phoenix Bird, unknown, edited by pamela
Image: Sunset – pamela leigh richards

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Aller plus haut ~ To Go Higher

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on April 27, 2014

Pamela screen shot of film in Northern New Mexico cold and barefoot 4


“I don’t want to tell people what to do.
I just want to share what happened.”


Pamela Mirror Quote
They are renovating the Main House on the property where I rent the guest house.
I brought this mirror over that had broken to put in the pile for removal.
Mike said: ‘you broke the mirror?”
I said: “Do you think I’ll have 7 years bad luck?”
He said: ‘yes’
I said: “Well, in pammys world when one breaks a mirror?
It is good luck because you’ve just broken out of the prizm.”

We are re~scribing life.
I then asked him to put the mirror to the side for the picture.
He smiled happily. It just happens.

BabySeal Pamela Peace Quote

“One cannot get away from living. It is going on all the time.”
“I AM not here to challenge what you know. I AM here to know when to let go.”


“What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us,
are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
~ Henry Thoreau


“If you get the message please do not worry about the wobble of detail.”

Under-water-photography-3386 pamela quote2

“Did I have to know your mathematical numbers in order to realize Peace?
My Heart Sings without question.”

Seagull beauty flying 2

“Am I out of my mind?
Just give me a moment to settle down into your space.”

Tiger Reflecting Green Eyes Pond

Peace is freedom from personal disorder.
The Calm ‘within’ while walking among chaos.

Tiger Holographic Energy Pamela quote

“Can you look me in the eye with no thought?”

Pouvez-vous me regarder dans les yeux avec aucune pensée
Possibile mi guardi negli occhi senza pensare
Você pode olhar-me nos olhos com nenhum pensamento
Können Sie mir in die Augen und ohne Gedanken

Pamela on Red Rock

“The song has more purpose than money”.


“Those whom have walked the ground, have yet to hear her sound.”
“A kind Heart of the feather can outweigh any mind of steel.”

“Can you tell me something of your belief now, that is not repeating history?”


“It’s not where I’ve been. It’s where I AM.”
No need to seek peace. Be Peace.

Sailing the Seas large 2

“Sailing the seas while the world goes by. Keep smiling.”

“When you sit in the seat of indifference (want of difference, similarity),
the tail you catch is going to carry you beyond word, beyond thought.
For all of whatever has been a mere step,
when you could have punched through it ALL without thought.”

“Calming Waters flow upon thy thinking,
for a simple matter called Peace in the instant.”

Pamela quote collage lady blue dolphin dream

Pamela quote lady elk love

Pamela quote deer lady love

“The day is not distant when the very planet which gave him [her] birth will tremble at the sound of his [her]voice; he [she] will make the sun his [her] slave, harness the inexhaustible and terribly intense energy of microcosmic movement; cause atoms to combine in predetermined forms; he [she] will draw the mighty ocean from its bed, transport it through the air and create lakes and rivers at will; he [she] will command the wild elements; he [she] will push on and on from great to greater deeds until with his [her] intelligence and force, he [she] will reach out to spheres beyond the terrestrial.” ~ Nikola Tesla

I find this interesting because after my fall, I came out saying that I could see floating rivers filled with marine life. We could project ourselves into it freely at will, becoming and experiencing in kind, the forms of creation with no harm done. Floating in and out, knowing no death, simply the coming and going of the ebb and flow of life.

stars purple  blue and white

Pamela quote Cat beautiful Eyes

Pamela quote lady with  leopard love

“The great spirals… apparently lie outside our stellar system.”
~ Edwin Powell Hubbell

“Magic is in the air ~ Never landing.”

“The phallic enters the dome after leaving the baggage at the gate of her open presence.”

“Leave the trash at the door before entering.
For where we go from here is beyond thought, beyond everything you’ve been taught.”

“I Am not here to answer your question. I Am here to help you stop asking them.”

“Never allow the outside world determine who you are.”

“I connect with the All Seeing Eye in thee coherently ~ peace.”

Pamela Sun Magic Garden face forward 5

I was stung by a scorpion a month ago.
Lying in bed it crawled upon my left hand that was resting upon my face.
As quick as I realized it, the flash happened.
I actually saw the sting upon my left thumb in my inner eye.
I jumped out of bed, turned on the lights, pulled the covers off.
And there it was. Still upon the white pillow. Three inches long tail curled.
I picked the pillow up, spun around into the bathroom, placed it on the toilet.
It dropped in. With blessings I flushed. Talk about a three pointer!
Then it hit. Venom raising like lightning up my arm through my armpit and throat.
I tried to read about these things on the internet, but it was happening faster than I could read.
Called 911. Two o’clock in the morning. All Good.
My heros, paramedics arrived, surrounded by comforting words and deeds.
Nothing could be done. Let it be. And be it was.
My legs and feet are still slightly numb. Focussing on removing the cause.


“Dance with moi upon the sands of time seeing no’thing’ albeit the spiraling winds of silence.”


“You can try to deny me, yet, you cannot erase me.”

Quotes & Comments: Pamela Leigh Richards otherwise kindly noted.
“OceanHeart” her up and coming artistic endeavor.
“Her book of Knowing” ~ working title for the other ONE.
Images: Unknown unless stated, thank you.
Photo: Pamela on Red rock, in Sedona, Arizona. Bill Mortimer an angel in life itself.
Photo: Lady holding wolf Thoreau quote. This was a print Pamela has. Precious indeed to her. The story behind how she got it? Upon arriving in Sedona, she did some work in the film/audio/ industry. When asked how much for her services? She saw this print on the wall and said, can I have that? Keep smiling!
Photo: Space and Sails. Collage created by Pamela Leigh Richards from internet.
Photo: Sun pamela leigh richards sitting on her crystal rock.
Photo: White Feather from Deva Premal and Miten’s Meditation Channel

Wanna travel?
Believe it Beautiful
The Seven Circles
The Dolphins
The ‘A’ and the Circle
Build What You See
Thunder Mountain breaking through illusions
The Wall of Bliss

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Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on March 08, 2009

One might think they are not doing anything
But they are always doing everything.

pamela leigh richards

“Using this image needs the permission of KAGAYA Studio,
so you can not re-use it without our permission.”


Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on February 06, 2009

“The solar system has no anxiety about its reputation”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Using this image needs the permission of KAGAYA Studio,
so you can not re-use it without our permission.”

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Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on December 17, 2008

I cannot tell you “all” that I feel,
For the language of this world
Holds not a candle to the understanding
Of “all” that IS.
© pamela leigh richards

“Using this image needs the permission of KAGAYA Studio,
so you can not re-use it without our permission.”


Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on December 15, 2008

Here we are again
Another passing moment in time
I drift, wondering why
So many things pass us by….

Christmas and sleigh bells ringing
Thoughts and feelings falling
The sound of the choir singing
What do you think is the meaning?

Distractions are what we are sold and fall into
Don’t worry, it will be alright they say…. But hey!
I feel something is not right, do you?

Raise your head just a bit higher
Lift it above the spire
Look around you now….
What do you see?

If I could talk to you
With just a few words
And reach within your heart
Maybe we could remember to love

To see there is something not to trust.
Out there……

With the answers sitting within us
In here.

No need for fear.
Simply be aware.

The arms of existence waits patiently
And holds a place for all of us … TO BE.

POEM © pamela leigh richards ~ Written 12-16-05

“Using this image needs the permission of KAGAYA Studio,
so you can not re-use it without our permission.”


Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on December 11, 2008

“If I accept you as you are, I will make you worse
However, If I treat you
As though you are what you are capable of becoming
I help you become that”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Be good to yourself, first and foremost
It is here you transcend and pass on help

Remove fear, rise from the ashes
It is time to pass on compassion.

© pamela leigh richards

“Using this image needs the permission of KAGAYA Studio,
so you can not re-use it without our permission.”


Posted in: Quotes & Poetry,The Observation Deck by Pamela on December 09, 2008

Stop looking outside yourself for answers.
Be not afraid of anything and follow your heart.
For everything is “within”.
It is here, which creates ‘everything without’.
Knowing ‘within’ we have the key
To absolute clear understandings.

pamela leigh richards

“Using this image needs the permission of KAGAYA Studio,
so you can not re-use it without our permission.”


Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on December 08, 2008

A time of turning ourselves inside out is here
A time to release all fear

And I saw you!
Remembering me!
And I saw me!
Remembering you!
Remembering me!
Remembering you!

Something much deeper than changing policies
Is at hand before us.

Poem: © pamela leigh richards

“Using this image needs the permission of KAGAYA Studio,
so you can not re-use it without our permission.”


Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on December 04, 2008

“The fundamental delusion of humanity
is to suppose that I am here
and you are out there”

Yasutani Roshi
“Using this image needs the permission of KAGAYA Studio,
so you can not re-use it without our permission.”


Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on December 02, 2008

I am Capricorn born 3 January, 1960.

Two noteworthy astrological events happen within hours of each other.

Pluto, the planet of transformation, regeneration and rebirth,

enters Capricorn, the sign of the builder, on November 26.

This is a much-heralded astrological event,

since Pluto takes between 12 to 31 years to pass through a sign.

It will remain in Capricorn until 2024.

Talk about the need to transform and rebuild infrastructures will abound.

In our personal lives, we will find transformation and change taking place as well.

Uranus turns direct on November 27.

It’s not everyday that a planet turns direct on the same day as a new Moon,

which adds to the intensity of this time.

Astrologically, Uranus liberates you from the shackles of convention

and applies pressure to change whatever is stagnant in your life.

Uranus rules electromagnetic energy

and is like a lightning storm that creates chaos as it cleans the air,

revealing a fresh new world once the storm has cleared.

A New Day is Now.
Live it, think it, know it, be it.
Manifest it.

“Using this image needs the permission of KAGAYA Studio,
so you can not re-use it without our permission.”


Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on December 01, 2008

I will keep the Diamonds of my memories
And leave the Rust.

Thank you “Life” for this beautiful journey.
For the teaching and the learning.
Most of all … for the remembering.

“Using this image needs the permission of KAGAYA Studio,
so you can not re-use it without our permission.”


Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on November 26, 2008

ONE’S vision will become clear

When ONE looks within ONE’S heart.

When ONE looks outside,

ONE plays a part

When ONE looks inside

ONE finds there is nowhere to hide.

© pamela leigh richards

“Using this image needs the permission of KAGAYA Studio,
so you can not re-use it without our permission.”

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