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UFO Television – It is Time to Unite For Peace.

Posted in: Films by Pamela on June 28, 2009

It is time to make a stand for what ‘one’ believes to be true.
It was not easy for me … I had insecurities too as many do.
Along the way of my life, I observed, experienced, searched and grew.
And if I am wrong about anything I will be the first one to hold my hands up and apologize.
It is important for us all to reach out together, no more divisions, no more hiding the truth that sits within you. This is me today. Tomorrow I might be different … and that is okay. Bend like a branch in the wind. Know to stand tall before any trompling upon your being. Forgive.
Let Go and Make it Easy.

To sink or swim is a choice we can make, however, I see a third choice and one I choose to take.
It is called Riding the Crest of the Wave.

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