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Dream ~ Two Keys

Posted in: A - Her Lucid and Mystical Experiences by Pamela on October 11, 2008

Another amazingly ‘real’ and lucid dream I had.
It was incredibly beautiful and intensely profound in some deep meaningful way.

I would love to draw and paint it some day.

In this dream my former husband and I were both standing,
or rather floating in the middle of the Universe.
With planets and bright stars all around.

We were facing each other with a large wooden door floating to my right and his left.
Nothing was said. We just stood there in silence.
I was looking down at my left hand carrying two keys and he was looking at me.
With my right hand I picked one of them up.
Turning to the door I leaned over, put this in the keyhole, turned it and pulled it out.

The door did not open I just pulled it out. I knew it was not meant to open.

“We have the key. Build What You See.”
Get to know thy’self’. Life is a very personal journey.

“The Key is the door that opens to everything you believe.”
`pamela leigh richards

I turned to face him and without ‘thought’, it was already understood what was to happen next.
He extended his right hand to me palm up.
I placed the key in his hand and gently folded it while cupping my hands over his.
Then looked up, eye to eye, and smiled.
There were no words said. It was all very deep in its meaning, extremely powerful,
And loving in its intentions and understandings. On some level what this means is known.
For now, it remains simply a beautiful moment.
We all hold the key to everything.

I feel this is what this dream means as I wrote recently:
“Peace is coming to the skies above and from the depths of ocean waters,
sweeping to the highest highs of mountain tops, and into the human mind.”
For I real-eyes’d that as the parable of the mustard seed the tiniest of seeds,
so brilliantly showed me, that the key is ‘within’.
The pineal gland. The pine cone. The awakening eye.
The kingdom of heaven is not in the skies outward. It sits in the everywhere skies ‘within’. In ‘self’.
I have more coordinates to share on how I see this idea manifesting.
The All Seeing Eye is within each and every one of us in my view.
The awakening is so brilliant and the disguise is coming down.
Peace has no enemy and love knows nothing else.”

Dream ~ The 7 Seals
“Build What You See”

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