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Posted in: Quotes & Poetry,The Observation Deck by Pamela on December 22, 2009

We are not alone in this vast universe … and we come in many forms.
Remove Fear, It is time to Change Direction, if you wish?
For it is all about choice in a world of polarity. And the problem has always been choice.
Co-Create a world of doing what is Right. Live through your love.
I had a telepathic message not long ago come to me and say: “Build What You See”.
We are all on different paths and I can only speak for myself, as I say;
Are we not all wondering … the same?
This is a movie with dramatic effect, a story of compassion and speaks to the heart.
It is telling us something much more though, if we read between the lines.
Everything is possible and we are the captains of our own water/body/vessel ships to decide.
What is real and what is a lie.

“Peace has no enemy. Love knows nothing else.”

“Freedom does not need defending when one has no enemy.”
~ pamela leigh richards

The Golden Dragon

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